How job surveillance is changing trucking in America

Automation is coming for truckers – but first, they’re being watched.

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The promise of self-driving trucks will radically reshape one of America’s most common jobs. There are 3.5 million professional drivers in the US, all of whom may face job displacement in the autonomous future being developed by companies like Otto, Daimler, and Tesla. But before robots take the wheel entirely, there will be a long period where truckers and artificial technology split the responsibilities of the work. The first big step toward that future comes in the form of the electronic logging device, a dashboard monitor that tracks speed, location, and a driver’s schedule, and reports it to an employer or a third-party monitoring service. It has a lot of truckers worried.

Read Karen Levy’s work here:

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  1. For once vox did a video without getting shitty, political, or biased. Keep videos like this coming and I might subscribe to your channel again.. I unsubscribed like a year ago.

  2. Their robots can't even drive during icey conditions in a normal car, what makes them think it can take a semi and drive it safely in winter? There's no way their AI is that good, it'll always require a human there, just like our aircrafts which could do everything itself but no one trusts it enough to do it.

  3. The autonomous trucks are years away but they want truckers to be perfect. No wonder nobody wants to do it. When the wheels dont spin and theres no cargo you make $0hr and yet you cant bend any rules

  4. Not all trucks! ym 2000 or newer. Lots of trucks do not have to use them. Like the movie industry. There not as bad as people make them out to be! people have been getting away with driving 20 hours a day! Shits dangerous

  5. Technology doesn't always improve work situations partly because it gets abused by the corporations, which are all about money and profit. Nothing else.

  6. Your employer has a right to monitor you – after all, they are the ones who pay you to live in that truck, not the other way around. Also, everyone else on the road has a right to LIVE, and your desire to drive well past the point of fatigue just to earn a few extra dollars does not outweigh the rights of others to arrive to their destination alive.

  7. There goes my job. Now your driving record is going to have to be above average in order operate these newer vehicles. That's going to put many people out of work. 2) were not physically ready to drive & stop driving at a time schedule cause when it's time to stop we MIGHT NOT BE SLEEPY when it's time to drive WE MIGHT BE SLEEPY. Therefore I believe humans will be Totally illiminated or REDUCED TO DRIVERS WITH UNTARNISHED records

  8. alot of truckers love their jobs too. so its truly a shame. and when they are replaced, prices won't go down, but profit will certainly go up. its not about trucker safety or pedestrian safety or civilian safety. its all about profit, and controlling a driver like this, and pay per mile allows the company to cut wages over time scaling. while you make the same amount per drive per mile, you can't make that money in a shorter period of time, and it forces drivers into a specific class/ income. basically, they will cut wages for when the autonomous device takes over. set up the channeling of the driver to specific routes that take longer to maximize the autonomous support and minimize wages.

  9. On the flip side, itll force the truck driver using ELD will now drive more aggressively and faster creating higher possibility of accudent.

  10. We need to get e logs out of truck get paid odometer miles we are truckers not pilots no reset. This bullshit is to keep us from making miles and money.we truckers need to stand together and shut it down at least for one week. This bullshit about crash rates is a lie.trukers need to keep border cops also from waking us see if we are citizens when we are together and shut it down even dispatchers.liers come on truckers lets get to stop the trucks 1 week.let everybody know that without trucks america stops.lets win against corrupt system govr.

  11. We should not stop progress, otherwise I propose we go back to horse an carriage. Lot's of horse breeders and carriage builders lost their job because of progress…

  12. Ever 70% of big trucks our own by individuals. They are not wonder choose to buy a truck that is automated and put themselves out of work plus automated trucks and barely drive on flat dry pavement much less account for all the other content and multitude of variables that computers just cannot handle

  13. 3:52 if you can't stay awake 11 hours you dont belong out here. Trip planning allow you wiggle room. The same hours as on paper

  14. Half the truckers in that picture were Sikhs. Do we really need to import 1 million legal but unskilled 3rd world immigrants every year and tolerate even more illegal immigrants ? Machines that do low-skill labor will help protect Western society from the population volcanos of India and Africa.

  15. I left a pretty good driving job because of E-logs. I also won’t drive a truck with DEF, SCR or and driver assistance. When a bunch of California loving douchebags, who’ve never been in a truck in their lives try to tell you how to do your job, you get a trucking shortage. I get that we need to be more environmentally conscious, but spend a month with any driver and these politicians and lobbyists would actually see how stupid these laws and mandates are. It’s dangerous to everyone on the road, especially the driver.

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