How melting Arctic ice could cause uncontrollable climate change

Arctic scientists have reported that the speed at which the northern ice cap is melting risks triggering 19 climate tipping points, with disastrous consequences.
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It could also affect ecosystems elsewhere on Earth, perhaps irreversibly. The Arctic Resilience Report says it is crucial to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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  1. The only reason why I watch this is that I thought I would be hearing words and not me reading them well I know that i going to fail my class

  2. when the ice melts and half of humanity goes into chaos and many die. no god will stop this. if everyone dies off earth forever?  no god will do anything about it. lets all try this out. everyone quit their religion and see if god will stop that?

  3. Had to throw the polar bear in there, eh? More environmental disasters the government can fix if we give them money and power to do it.

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