ILIFE A8 Robotic Vacuum Review: The ILIFE Robot Now Has a Predictable Cleaning Pattern

Just recently ILIFE has launched their latest flagship robot – the A8 with some cool new features not found in the previous A-series robots, namely the A4S and A6.

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This new robot now has a camera-based navigation they call “PanoView Navigation” that utilizes a more efficient back and forth pattern.

Right now this robot is in the launch phase and not yet available for sale. I’ll update this you once it is and post links on where you can buy this online.

My observations: I’m really impressed with ILIFE’s progression. From the bare bones V1 that does not even have any charging dock to the A8, you’ll see improvements along the way.

The new navigation is much more efficient, maybe too efficient for it’s own good. It tool less than 6 minutes to clean the test area but it missed on some spots.

This is the same issue I had with the first generation Xiaomi robot vacuum where in it went through its cleaning cycle only once. I had to run the robot a second time just to clean dirt left.

Overall the rubber double-v brush did a slightly better job than the bristled brush. One grip would be the thoroughness which is lacking, I hope that I life improves on this before releasing this for sale.

What do you think?

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  1. I am disappointed with the A8. Navigation was not good as it seems to ignore the area around the charging station. Also the pieces it left behind is too many. Navigation can be improved with updates, but suction can't. The roller design seems poor. Although there on the right track, I thought they would have perfected this by now. Any test with carpet? Would be interesting to see how much they sell for.

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