Importance of Atheist Activism – David Oliverio | ACA Lecture Series | The Preaching Humanist

The Preaching Humanist is dedicated to educating Christians with a healthy and positive philosophy of life, without supernatural beliefs. I teach and preach about being good without a god. I will explain how the humanistic approach and perspective is an alternative to Christians beginning to question their faith. No god is required to live a life of love, joy, peace, fulfillment, meaning, and purpose. Sharing, caring, compassion, helping others to use reason, and our innate desire to be social and inquisitive are built into our nature.

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The Preaching Humanist is a production of the Atheist Culture Network and is filmed on location at the Freethought Library of the Atheist Community of Austin: 1507 West Koenig Lane, Austin, TX 78756-1415
Voice Mail: (512) 220-6561

Hosted by David Oliverio
Produced and Directed by Mark Vandebrake

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  1. David I need help I've recently lost a debate and don't know how to reconcile , Jesus isn't t god.. and
    Revelations 1:5 seperate the entities god/seven spirits/ Jesus. Then 1:8 they purposely highlight the words of god in red. And rev 11/17-18 I don't know how to deal with these type comments from Christians.. please help. Old Testament god says he is 1…
    New Testament Jesus refers to god and prays to him..

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