*IMPORTANT UPDATES* and release of “THE SPARK” w/Ella, Midge M., Stephen Shellenberger & Dr. Aaron

Thursday, May 10, 2018 episode of Ella Free’s Triumph Over Targeting Podcast.

In this episode, Midge M. recounts how she was badly burned, once again, from a covert non-ionizing radiation assault, which was perpetrated against her while she was driving. Midge (aka YaYa) is one of the founders of Targeted Justice, a non-profit organization committed to pursuing education, public awareness, and legal action for the high-tech hate crimes experienced by targeted individuals. For more information about Targeted Justice, visit

Stephen Shellenberger gives words of support to YaYa. He also talks about his recently completed film, The Spark, an artistic portrayal of the growing crimes of organized stalking and electronic harassment. You can rent Stephen’s film for USD $3.99 (or CAD $4.50 in Canada) at To do so, just click the icon at the upper-right of the Vimeo trailer, which is embedded in the webpage. It’s a great art film and a great way to introduce family and friends to the disturbing crimes that so many innocent targeted victims are experiencing today, all over the world.

Also, be sure to visit Su Maya’s webpage at

Mrs. Ella Free and Dr. Matthew Aaron are board members of the targeted individual support and activism organization known as FFTI, or Freedom For Targeted Individuals. For more information, visit FFTI’s website at The mission of FFTI is to promote solidarity, communication, and coordinated efforts among groups of activists fighting organized/gang stalking and electronic harassment, so that we can more rapidly achieve a world free from these growing threats.


You are kindly invited to Ella’s Triumph Over Targeting Podcast every Tuesday and Thursday, beginning at 9:00 pm Eastern time [USA]. You may join the call by phone or Internet. To join by phone, call Talkshoe Conferencing at (724) 444-7444. When prompted enter the Call ID, which is 141476#; then enter 1# to join the conference call. Using the same Call ID, you may also join the call at the following website:


All data and information provided on this recording are for informational purposes only. The host, Ella Free, makes no representations as to the accuracy, completeness, currentness, suitability, or validity of any information on this recording, and she will not be liable for any errors, omissions, or delays in this information, or any losses, injuries, or damages arising from its display or use. All information is provided on an as-is basis.

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  1. I shared the Thursday call with a friend…I took him to targeted justice and we both were saddened by your burn pictures. Midge you are so beautiful inside and out. You mean so much to God, this community and all of those who will someday thank you for the Hope, you continue to Believe in.🔆 Shy Ti

  2. Midge ground on earth, sand or rock and know this you can change your reality every 10 seconds. I too have been viciously attacked to my knowledge a year and 9 months. There is a satellite map app. That can tell you satellites above where you are. Intelsat lots of them owned by Ariana family aka Lockheed Martin nasa. Get orangeciti e and shungite and black tourmaline and apply it to all pain it will convert and absorb the erroneous energy. 💁❤️

  3. I volunteer and gave my child to the to the state of Sacramento because it was too much for my child she said mom why can't I have a regular life like all the other kids so I gave her friends even though she has a perpetrator that's living in her room because she tells me stories but that's what I had to do so I have to take their pills which I'm 40 years old never been sick in my entire life they diagnose me with schizophrenic paranoia it's all lies

  4. I hope Stephen sees this as a positive comment = I saw the trailer and originally thought the film wasn't going to be to my liking, as I found it a little to 'arty'. But having seen the 1st 3rd of the film (I suddenly had to do something else, went to go back to it, and my rental had expired, boooo!), it was amazing! Stephens 'trailer' doesn't do the film justice. It's way better than the trailer would suggest. In fact, I want to buy the film, rather than just rent it. Stephen, please consider creating another version of trailer, where it shows either the creepy-ness of targeting, of the spy/psyops side of it (just a friendly suggestion). Andy

  5. As a Christian woman, I have to say that these are more signs that we are in end times and the NWO is already in power. God Almighty, please protect us. I pray for the Rapture.

  6. 5/13/2018 update: they are using Neural slams with Synthetic Neurology Signals that make your brain scream, Neural disruption for longer than a brain fart, Neural Immobilization and extreme torture. The Neural Immobilization keeps us from moving or being able to fight back. Haven't told everybody that's what it is but for some reason have told some of us (sadists) so suspect it includes others. Some of us who have been hurt the worse are disappearing from online communications – suspect something is up because it's a number of us myself included being taken out completely. I am sitting in my home and it's all I can do to keep from screaming over their attacks. I can't cry for some reason – suspect brain stuff. This is UNBELIEVABLE. How the freak are they getting away with such open public displays of out and out cruelty. These suckers are Inhumane sick mentally ill people. I'm wondering are they going to kill a bunch of us at the same time since we are being taken out together? I don't know what to say anymore and I can barely keep saying anything. I gave my 2 adult children your name as a reference should something happen. Binney's as well. These crimes with the Military Surplus and Special operations are beyond anything someone could imagine. Say a prayer for us if your can – we need it.

  7. My film is cooking!!! And not in a bad way! Unfortunately, as I mentioned in the interview-talk, I am just terrible at self promotion!! If anyone has a twitter or a publicist company(oh man, wouldn't that be great) please share it far and wide. Also in this conversation, I point out that non T.I.'s really are getting my film and enjoying it. By encouraging non T.I.'s to watch it, you will be happily surprised at the dialogue that opens up as a result. As much as main stream media keeps trying to shut the door on the truth about targeting, a lot is changing and many non T.I.'s are coming around realizing that this is going on!!

  8. Looked at the pictures of Midge..Prayers ..This is equivalent to attempted murder…I can't believe we live in a world that this is real…God protections to all the TI in the world..Bring this into the light the next generations are at stake the children!!!

  9. great to hear stephen (steve) . been many years since playing in the slocan valley sinixt tribal mountain, glad to see the van got fixed at new denver/silverton !! :karen-ann :lucyk macdonald (saskatoon [email protected] white bear tribal klan secwempec kamloops ) PROJECT INCENSION youtube us 🙂 qbs, cbt, cht quantum medicine reet nicu rn,aromacare, hon dip.cacah nd

  10. I have been protesting outside the Senate office building in Washington DC and plan on setting up next Tuesday May 22, 2018 for the Senate meeting for those provisions which fall under the subcommittee's jurisdiction of the proposed National Defense Authorization Act for fiscal year 2019.
    I am mysteriously having problems with my email but you may try and reach me at [email protected]

  11. I have posted a few pictures from my protest outside the Hart Building last week for the Gina Haspel confirmation hearing on Instagram at targetedindividualbill.

  12. Midge – sells fabrics with silver in it for shielding – with the numbers showing how effective each product is – hats, car roofs, line everything! And I find grounding takes away my scoliosis pain that flares up horribly with exposure to electric fields…it's my canary in the coal mine and helped expose two of my stalkers armed with weaponized smart phones. And I agree 100% that this is spiritual warfare. Even chemtrails have been seen to dissipate where prayer and meditation focus on eradicating them. I saw several Christian videos on it, and found Buddhism works as well. Christ Consciousness/Bodhichitta (Buddha Mind) equally raise the frequency of a space, and as we know, it only takes one light to dispel the darkness of ages! Evil is only ignorance, their only power is deception, and thanks to you and Ella and so many brave souls, the lies are falling apart. Yay!

  13. —–

    it is time to ban together and get organized. The courts are corrupt and one would only engage in psychopathy. We are not martyrs or sacrifices we are Warriors. Get healthy first. Let´s fund ourselves through us for us to give example. Suspend your beliefs. All of us are co-opted playing a role. Rise above it and see it for what it is. Know that, Know yourself. –

    Love is not pretending.

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