Improving The TLM 103 For Voice Over

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A lot of the videos on this channel are outdated. The newer videos have my current opinions on these microphones as I learn more about what works and what doesn’t on the frequency response to give the highest quality and most professional sound possible for voice over.

Channel closed due to lack of views and funding. Use my affiliate links whenever buying anything on ebay and feel free to donate if this channel helped you. It doesn’t matter what you buy on ebay once you click the links:

Flat Mic Recommendations:
U87AI (Best Mic On The Market For Voice Over):

TLM 67 (Like The U87AI But Less Treble Boosted And Extended Lower Vocal Presence Boosted):

TLM 103 (Heavily Upper Presence Boosted Smooth Sounding Mic):

Rode NT1 (A Great Flat Microphone Good For Anything Like TLM67 But Extended Air Frequencies and Less Treble Boosted):

Blue Blueberry (Heavily Presence Boosted Microphone Alternative To The TLM 103):

Headphone Recommendations:
Philips 9500s (Great Flat Open Back Headphones):

Generic Audio Interface Recommendations:
Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 (Cheap Good Audio Interface):

Audient iD14:

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Improving The Blue Bluebird For Voice Over

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