India Must Get Smarter About Handling China

This video shows you that India Must Get Smarter About Handling China.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi may be largely focused on domestic challenges and above all on winning the next parliamentary election, due to be held by May next year.But with both the U.S. and China paying increasing attention to the subcontinent and the vast seas that surround it, Modi cannot afford to ignore his growing foreign policy problems — especially juggling the multiple strategic conundrums in the critical Indo-Pacific region.

After recent summits with Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian leader Vladimir Putin, Modi’s next opportunity to present his ideas on a global stage comes with a speech on June 1 at this year’s Shangri-La Dialogue in Singapore — the premier annual Asia Pacific security forum.

India is viewed by the U.S. as helping to lead President Donald Trump’s Free and Open Indo-Pacific strategy, which replaces the Pivot to Asia strategy undertaken by former President Barack Obama. This strategy is meant to keep the Indo-Pacific region open to trade and transit links under the aegis of Washington.

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  1. Indians are extremely clever people however the Chinese are persistent and more aggressive, India is complacent while China keeps creeping on. India needs to be assertive or they're just going to be pushed around till there's no way back and it's too late. China has an insatiable desire for blood, India has to stand up and push back because it will have to one day, better sooner rather than later

  2. Indians IQ is higher than the East Asians pig monkey dog eater buddishm like Koreans Japanese and Chinese.

  3. China India were friends from 5000 years
    Why are they still fighting the war started by the British?

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