India News special show ‘World War’ coming soon

India News special show ‘World War’ coming soon.

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  1. China is the only country in the world can fight with America. China now want to change its place from super power number 2 to superpower number 1. lets see what happens and I am sure India will help openly or secretly US in this Fight.

  2. this news channal is based on fake propoganda ,becase once upon a time she was annonced world war will starting from may13 but untill now here is not to show any symptom of war so stop to do this fake bussines and dont try to make people fool plz

  3. Jang to india pakistan ki lagn choki hy os ka socho cheen amrica ko choro apni owqat min aw tom logon ka 60% india ki awam pakistan ka jhanda laga rhy hin india ko pakistan banny sy koy ni rok sakta modi 56 inch k india min hindu raaj lagay ga apni cow mami k sath ???

  4. This is nothing but Hindus wishful thinking, Americans have not won one single war except in Granada, which is little island in South America with a population of less than a million, going into war with China will be the end of USA as a supper power. You conniving Hindus have no guts to go in war with China so you wish Americans will do your dirty job. Nice try just remember Americans may look fool to you but they are not that dumb to fall for your tricks. They rather use you to do their dirty job, to weaken China and destroy India who is using the natural resources of the world which Americans think they have the right on those resources.

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  6. मा चिक्ने भारतीय धोती साले कुच भि करो चीन से कोहि नहि लडाइँ कर सकेगा भारतको तो छोदो विश्व कि कोहि देश भि नहि लड सकेका ।ध्यान राख्ना धोती चीन के साथ मे पुरे विश्व हिलाने बाले नेपाल गोर्खा सेना हे ।

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