Is The Korean War Finally Over?

Promising talks between the leaders of North and South Korea mark the beginning of a “new era”.

Kim, the first North Korean leader to enter South Korea since the 1950-53 Korean War, approached Moon with all smiles before the two shook hands on their respective sides.

After hours of deliberation and talks, the two leaders released a joint declaration. Among other things, the two countries promised to increase diplomatic relations and work towards the “denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.”

Senator Lindsay Graham says President Trump should receive the Nobel Peace Prize if his plan to bring peace in the region after more than 60 years is successful.

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  1. Trump Gods man the illuminati got took on that day by God that y most still are in shock with a ton of hate cuz God picked him not votes the NWo satanic sect owns votes y do u think they blast him on every news channel lol lol they never seen it cuming thats the fucking truth

  2. If this situation is continue. North Korea will make nuclear weapon because they got a lot of time now.
    If Trump want to Nobel Peace Prize. America have to accept that the North Korea get nuclear weapon.
    What do you think about it Alex?

  3. North Korea has been hemorrhoids for the previous stooges Clinton, Bush, and O" bummer worst presidents ever. Trump wins again!

  4. NK could become a favored trade nation if "rocket man" plays his cards right and become a world factory and give China competition. All sides win! Plus he could shift his military into production factories and he'd make a mint!

  5. In the movie " by dawn's early light " 1990 a rogue Soviet group launch a missile from Turkey and destroy a city called donesk to trigger a nuclear war. They do this because of good relations between NATO and the Soviet union….i hope the warmongers don't try this …

  6. The korean war is not really over, but it is getting close, should things go according to plan. This peace talks is a start.

  7. I dislike Lindsay very much but here he said something true. if this leads to lasting peace it is because of Trump. the prez put some real fear into the troll like dictator.

  8. Don't trust them! Anyone who believes this is all because of Trump is a fool! You do not go from being a trigger happy dictator to being a Snuggle bunny overnight because of one man! I have yet to see how things are INSIDE North Korea. Are they any better? Are his people still under the same oppression? Nobody is asking these questions. I guess there is no need to ask such stupid questions when you have a "savior" in the White House! I am reminded of the "Galaxy Quest" quote: "Commander Taggert has saved us!" 🤦‍♂️

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