Israelis: What do you think of Israeli human rights organizations?

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  1. I love Palestinian women so much and I love Palestine. I wish I could join an army to liberate Palestine. I urge Palestinians to never give up and keep fighting until the end, If you think you're gonna take back your country through democratic means you're fooling yourself. It is not on Israel's interest to stop oppressing you and it is not on U.S. 's interest to stop helping the oppressors. Long Live Bilad Ash Sham. Support to all Palestinians and all those being oppressed by Tyrants

  2. Ami Ayalon (former commander and chief of navy, director of shin bet, knesset member literally a zionist hero in Israel with awards) he publicly supported and verified breaking the silence and so did other people from the shin bet and military. Bt'selem is filled with prominent members of Israeli society and is supported around the world.

  3. yesh din is a great place to get information and check out their videos on youtube like standing idly by and if you dig deeper into breaking the silence and standing idly by you will realize they are doing it for the soldiers as much as anyone. they dont have training as a police force, they are constantly at threat and even Jews throw rocks at them for trying to do their job.

  4. This is something I would be very uncomfortable with, but it is, in theory, something very important. Israel doesn't need another Lt Calley in Mai Lai. Aziria is enough of a stain on Israel's military.
    That said, the IDF handled Aziria pretty well.
    When the government does wrong it needs to be held to account. By and large Israel does a lot better than the US in this regard. That PM who was jailed for rape was handled very well. Clinton facing the same charges got of scot free, which is a stain on the US.
    By any standard, grading on a curve, Israel does very well. On an objective standard, meh.
    One thing I do NOT approve of is taking money from foreign sources . Especially from places like Ireland, Sweden and such like is very bad. Sweden especially. taking money from them is like taking money from the Klan.

  5. These organizations are literally biased against Israel. They are one-sided and they never show the Israeli side. They fool innocent people and make people believe in lies.

  6. those leftist scum who belong to these groups should be expelled from the country asap, and these type of political groups should be outlawed. they have nothing to do with real human rights, its just a facade to promote thier political agenda (its alot like how antifa are the ones acting like fascists). they are funded by israel's enemies and haters, that alone says it all.

  7. " I disagree with them, so they must be against the country" Typical brainwashed nationalism. How easy it is to become a 1933 German. It could happen to any nation or set of people.

  8. Why do Israelis seem to not like criticism or to answer a tough question and cannot see their country as others see Israel?

  9. Stop asking israelis only in tel aviv. All of these idiots over there are left wing morons that knows nothing of what is going on. All they care about is their everyday life

  10. I'm always alarmed that discussion on both sides of the conflict drag money and funding into the equation. Funding is important but so long as there is the internet it's tough to stop things happening.

  11. Yes the Palestinians Arabs are soooo opressed that they need the money to buy dynamite packs to blow themselves up in the name of "Allah" to "protest"……

    Yes, truly they are the victims and not the Israelis blow to pieces.

  12. Corey, how about put in title same question as you asked in video? Both of these orgs are not human rights organizations but foreigh goverments funded pro-palestinian lobby groups. You can respect human rights organizations and hates lobby groups at the same time.

  13. Talmud says that the so called Goyim are beasts in Human form and were only created to serve the Talmudic Jews,other than this they have no purpose in life,but the Talmud says also you must lie to the Goyim about the Talmud.So you will never hear the full truth from Halakhic Talmudic Jews who are Edomites and the non Edomites are descendants of Gomer and his Son Ashkenaz.

  14. The Israeli as well as Ziocons fear of Iran must be realised as nothing but projection. Since Israel and US are engaged on a daily basis in the killing of innocent civilians, Israelis and americans are doomed to interpret others’ behavior as a murderous inclination.       

    The case of America’s Cold War (and today's anti-Russian hysteria) paranoia is not that different from the case of Israel. Since America was the first and so far, the only country to use the atomic bomb against other people, it was the Americans who were actually caught in a Pre-TSD. They simply projected their collective murderous tendencies onto the Russians.

    Somehow, it becomes clear that the more cruel one is, the more subjected to terror one is.

    Moreover, the more cruel practices a nation is engaged with, the more subjected to the politics of fear the nation would be. This simple formula may throw some light over the incestual bond between America and Israel. Applying some devious expansionist tactics, the two countries are sinking into dark deadly thought on the verge of collective paranoia. This collective paranoia maintains the hegemony of the one and only axis of evil around: i.e., Global Zionism and Trumpists.     

    While many in the world are convinced that US behavior is the outcome of moral bankruptcy, I insist that this is emerging as a pathological psychotic case. The moral bankruptcy, thus, is a mere symptom of a deep mental disorder.

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