Jared Kushner’s Paper Linked To WikiLeaks | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

Kushner’s former newspaper the “New York Observer” promoted WikiLeaks hacks during the 2016 election, and became the favored outlet of a suspected Russian hacker. Former Editor-in-Chief Elizabeth Spiers speaks exclusively to “The Beat.”
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Jared Kushner’s Paper Linked To WikiLeaks | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

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  1. This Trump Error have made Hillary and Obama historian never to be forgotten in American history and Trump drowns with his legacy.

  2. Trump's entire Administration has memory problems him Jeff sessions all of them I do not recall I do not remember I do not recall that is their theme

  3. What is wrong with the mouth of this female Kushner employee? 2:50-Botox? She can barely open or move her mouth. Creepy. She looks like a puppet. Botox is a very potent poison and can move from the face to other body parts and cause serious illnesses. Why do people think Botox is wonderful? It dehumanized them. Maybe she has her jaws wired. Ick.

  4. Keep investigation on Kusher and Trump, The White House on officials security clearances, way lies and cover-up. 130k stormy Daniels any broken laws!!! Trump protect us from Russia!!!!! Hacking and website media trolls! Sanctions on Putin!!!! TRUMP WAY ARE YOU NOT PROTECTING THE UNITED STATES ! WHAT THE PROBLEM ?????? WAY ARE YOU FRIGHTENING OUR OR OWN GOVERNMENT WHAT ARE YOU SACRED OR HIDING???????

  5. With all this evidence of conspiracy against the Us by the Trump campaign why are we not arresting these traitors.

  6. This whole administration needs to be put in prison! They sold america for a dollar! When your wealthy there is no place you can't look at as home country no loyalty (zero) America means nothing to these people and neither does freedom. We have lived in a continuous campaign starting into the third year…. Useless traitors in the gop have sold us for a tax break and that we just came through not 5 years ago brought by the last republican administration.

  7. That's where Kushner told his assistant that TrumP said that is he ever ran, he would run as a republican, because they were stupid and would believe anything he told them..

  8. He's is another one moving around the world collecting money and sneaking around with unamerican moves in a very selfish way…me me me—he is taking advantage of getting money while POTUS in charge.

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