Jehovah’s Witnesses Harbour Child Sex Abusers

Successful community activism with thumbs up from fellow commuters, folks who slowed their walk to listen, and others who stopped to speak!

Jdubs who watched me the other day, from their car, when i walk past after getting off train and not come back to represent victims of jworg child sex abuse, due to an early morning meeting i had at work, were paid a visit today. They even wave at me from the front seat of the car they hide in until i walk away! Bonkers! (to quote The UnReluctant)

Imagine my happiness to leave work today and find Leah Remini’s announcement to expose Jehovah’s Witnesses! I had hinted at such as they walked away with their cart this morning 😁

Each story, every voice, painted stroke of art, composed note of song, podcast, video, blog, movie, short story, poem, play, or creative dance that tells of the dangers of this horrendous cult of Jehovah’s Witnesses is credible and must ‘BE’ … For the children, for the victims, for those who died when refusing life saving blood transfusions or from suicide/murders due to shunning.

Life is precious. Fight for those still in ‘The Tower’ Their Lives Depend On It!

Bring awareness to keep others from #jwcultabusepropoganda and its mind control snares.

Thank you.

Apostate Lies?!?

WOW! Research for Yourself!

Australian Royal Commission Case # 29

Jehovah’s Witnesses Coverup of Child Sex Abuse in the UK

Canada’s W5 News Special on Worldwide Coverup of Child Sex Abuse by Jehovah’s Witnesses

Candace Conti vs Watchtower Jehovah’s Witnesses cover up child sex abuse

Jose Lopez vs Watchtower cover up of child sex abuse

New Child Sex Abuse Case Against Jehovah’s Witnesses in Thompson Falls, Montana

Keego Harbor

Silent Witnesses

The Elder

Leah Remini Takes On Jehovah’s Witnesses

Reclaimed Voices / Netherlands

Apostates, literally translated as freed slave, are not in positions of government or media to orchestrate a said ‘conspiracy theory’.

No one is trying to eradicate yours or any other religion. Jehovah’s Witnesses themselves call out the Catholic Church for its history of child sex abuse. Google your own religion with logical thought and reasoning, not with a persecution complex.

As well, I have first hand experience of life threatening abuse covered up by the Jehovah’s Witnesses and their ‘Two Witness Rule’!

Other topics to research: The Jewish Holocaust in Nazi Germany, The 911 Terrorist Attacks on the World Trade Center Towers, That Man Has Landed On The Moon, & The World IS Round are also NOT conspiracy theories.

Have a Great Day! Sharing Truth in Love for My Neighbors and Giving a Voice To The Trapped Women and Children being Abused, Shunned, Committing Suicide due to Jehovah’s Witnesses Unscriptural Cult Abuse Will Always Be The Priority of This Former Teacher & Grandmother.

Dare to Research Your Own Religion!

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  1. look at them run… lol

    btw, i believe they've updated their child abuse policies recently, still though, the 2 witness rule stands and they refuse to give uo their data base

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