Joe: Inexperienced White House Rookies Are Not Helping DC | Morning Joe | MSNBC

The Trump White House has shunned experts for top jobs choosing instead inexperienced staffers who believe they know what’s best for the country, the Morning Joe panel argues.
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Joe: Inexperienced White House Rookies Are Not Helping DC | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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Written by lena

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  1. More than their inexperience, the real problem is they shun history, professional opinions, and anything that doesn't align with their world view.

    To be a leader means you have to listen to opinions you may not like, show respect to people you don't like, and check your ego at the door. He has No conservatism, and I don't mean red vs. blue, I mean personally.

  2. If running the government is so hard, why allow ANYBODY in there who has NO experience at all? It should be made LAW that only the wisest and most qualified among us should govern!

  3. You expected a Zionist to care about history, law or logic? 🤣🤣🤣🤣 all they want is to steal land and terrorise defenceless people.

  4. You need to shut your mouth you blonde bimbo! President trump and his family are doing a great job!!!!! Only thing I see is your jealousy! Now I see your exit and me shutting MSNBC news off now! You are all sick little witch!

  5. Hey Joe, it looks like Mika is making you crazy, I noted you were grinding your teeth. You two will get on each others nerves, Divorce if you get married. Fun to watch!!

  6. There's nothing you can do about it. So please stop complaining every morning. It's been a year now. I use to enjoy the show, but it's getting old.

  7. Yeah so they don't have the experience to be a politician… Isn't that why Trump got elected in the first place because he thinks outside the box… Politicians are corrupt and crooked anyways… Maybe we need somebody who doesn't have a political agenda to actually get something accomplished for real people

  8. You idiots are still referencing Spicer? So sad.

    ….and yeah, we should take advice from "Joe" the failed musician and co.+++ Mika wanted me. I said NO.


  9. Cmon joe…..say what you really mean here. All this new blood is makin all the old time swamp rats nervous . They ( you included of course ) want THEIR swamp back . We may not be doing this now if Perot had been elected . And nafta wouldnt have sucked the lifes blood out of our country . Keep stirring that pot faster and faster Mr. Trump , lets all see what comes out. Help the cause by boycotting ALL msnbc advertisers permanently.

  10. The GOP doesn't want the American people to trust our federal government. The GOP is discrediting, distorting, and systematically dismantling the democratically elected federal government paving the way for their Corporate Overlords to own America outright. From January 20, 2009 – January 20, 2017 the Republicans did everything, and I mean EVERYTHING within their power to obstruct any beneficial legislation from passing in Congress, and thus far since controlling both chambers of Congress and the Presidency have yet to accomplish one single thing to help the American people. The message we the American people should send to the Republicans and the Oligarchs that own them is to O.utta P.olitics and allow the process to work for ALL of America, not solely for the Wealthiest among us.

  11. Of course petty Joe could give Obama any props for working with difficulty and adversity! As much as I love his fiancée I dislike him! Small and petty does not good journalism make!

  12. Trump can't have anyone around him who vaguely triggers his overriding awareness of inadequacy……and the tighter he holds onto the illusion the more likely it will come crashing down. It will be sudden.

  13. You and ugly Mika are not doing anything to help DC either! Don't you ever get tired of making a jerk out of yourself , actually millions of people hate your guts! You are a bigmouthed disrespectful poor excuse of a man!

  14. The Washington DC power establishment has failed. The Washington DC power brokers who claimed to be experts are clearly not experts. They do not know what they are talking about and they do not know what they are doing.

  15. I supported Bernie Sanders. When I saw what Hillary Clinton and Debbie Wasserman Schultz did to Bernie Sanders. I was thoroughly disgusted with the corruption and incompetence of the Washington DC political establishment. This is a cesspool of corruption and incompetence that must be pumped. Donald Trump is the contractor that the Citizens of the United States of America have selected to pump the Washington DC Cesspool.

  16. You do not hire the guy to pump your Cesspool based on his academic background. You do not ask him for his Curriculum Vitae.

  17. When you hire a contractor to pump your Cesspool you do not ask him for his Curriculum Vitae. Donald Trump will pump the Washington DC Cesspool. That is what the Citizens of the United States of America elected Donald Trump to do.

  18. The panel makes very good points about eligibility and having the necessary skills and knowledge. All this isn't rocket science. Unfortunately, all of this flies in the face of people who are simply jealous of the "elites" who are more knowledgeable. It's nothing to do with a "revolution" against the oppressive elite. It's just jealousy.

  19. trump (lc) believes that he is saving the taxpayer money by NOT hiring or appointing people to his cabinet. He has been asked this in interviews and his answer has been why hire people. There are some things you shouldn't skimp on because you want to SAVE money. A a good speech writer is one.

    He isnt using the trickle down approach he's trying to push in his tax plan..ya know JOBS JOBS JOBS.

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