Julian Assange on Roger Stone & Accusations About WikiLeaks and Trump Campaign Ties to Russia

– Microsoft has joined Facebook in saying it is investigating whether Russian operatives paid for “inappropriate” pro-Trump ads on its Bing search engine and other platforms. Social media giant Facebook has said a Russian company placed thousands of ads on their network at a cost of more than $100,000, including some that targeted states crucial to Trump’s victory. Last week, the U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee said it reached the conclusion that Russia interfered in the 2016 U.S. presidential election. Meanwhile, CIA Director Mike Pompeo has blasted Wikileaks as a hostile intelligence service that is often abetted by state actors like Russia, and Trump adviser Roger Stone declined to confirm to the House Intelligence Committee that he was directly in contact with WikiLeaks about damaging information on then-presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. We get response from Julian Assange, the founder and editor-in-chief of WikiLeaks.

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  1. Congratulations Julian! Few people could have remained that composed during that kind of unethical and mean-spirited treatment. Such a shame though.

  2. This interview is an embarrassment for Amy Goodman and Democracy Now. When did the Clinton campaign buy them out? I understand Julian's frustration.

  3. "DN!" should be called "DNC!" at this point. Democrats have proven themselves every bit as corrupt as the Republicans — just playing a different set of fools.

  4. Ladies and gentlemen that's what you call a smack down! Rodger Stone read a article talked to a reporter that's your freaking news, ,,, while the whole of Spain is in turmoil? I gave up on democracy now long time ago but had to witness this historic interview for myself

  5. Lol at 100 or 200 thousand dollars in Russian ads. Thats a damn DROP IN THE BUCKET for political ad expenditure when multiple to tens of millions are usually spent in one state by political partys.

  6. Julian has been very clear. It would be good for Goodman to hear clearly what Julian has been telling her over and over and over, even from a previous interview 7 months ago. The people are starving for smarter journalism, please, not madness. Amy, just like the MSM media.

  7. [Public Record – October 10, 2017] Julian Assange:
    I don’t know what the Trump campaign’s connections are with Russia. I can only speak about us. Had no connections with us. We have no connections with Russia. So, I think it’s—and I think if the Russians have done anything else, as far as I can see, it’s not of a consequential nature. (7:39)

    [Private Twitter Communications to Donald Trump Jr., October 12, 2016] @wikileaks:
    Hey Don. We have an unusual idea. Leak us one or more of your father's tax returns. The benefits are this… [truncated] …If we publish them it will improve the perception of our impartiality. This is the real kicker. That means that the vast amount of stuff that we are publishing about Clinton will have a much higher impact, because it won't be perceived as coming from a "pro-Trump" "pro-Russian" source, which the Clinton campaign is constantly slandering us with. ( )

    EDIT: Added links

  8. Nope. It was the CIA with its technology it uses to make to look like it IS Russia Kremlin..or any other foreign threat they want.
    THEY'RE super late to the uptake here..
    Assange knows. Check Wikileaks !!

  9. Initially Julian Assange had right, now is payed by russia. It's impossible that Russia as a great power as it is, don't have skeletons on the closets and do surely the same things what he accuse the USA. Who say the opposite is a insane.

  10. Too bad so many of my fellow progressives are SO willing to overlook this asshole's collusion with Russia just because he seemed to be on the right side of history for a short time. Assange rightfully went after Hillary (which she deserved), but at the same time was going out of his way to work with Putin (a foreign adversary to the United States and KGB crime lord) to help elect Trump (a greedy, corrupt, dangerous, divisive lying sack of treasonous garbage) in order to disrupt our election process, divide our nation and elect a corrupt fraud as President of the United States. It's all well and good to expose corruption in our government, but at what expense and to what extent? It's pretty disgusting that people are still holding this piece of shit to such a high standard. People still supporting this man should be utterly ashamed of themselves…Or maybe they want Russian elected American leaders, maybe they want Trump and Putin to destroy our government and our nation.

  11. I haven't watched Amy Goodman for a long time. I used to respect her. She acted as a prosecutor throughout the interview. Just like Assange, I found myself getting annoyed.

  12. Let's cut the bullshit, Julian Assange did many great things that exposed light on the many parts of the establishment BUT it is so clear to see that he is working alongside to benefit Trump, in reason that Trump is greatly anti establishment also. Don't be blind. I still respect Julian.

  13. Democracy Now! Is a morally bankrupt, biased "news" organization. I watched religiously, over the years but something very bad has happened. Amy Goodman just plain sold out to the corrupt deep state, and it just another lying media shill. Listen to her hostile questions to Assange! Democracy Now! is the cheap CNN version plain and simple

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