JW Senior Atty. Robert Popper’s Testimony @ Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity

Judicial Watch Senior Attorney and Director of its Election Integrity Project Robert Popper provided testimony to the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity on Tuesday, September 12, 2017, concerning the National Voter Registration Act of 1993.


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Written by lena

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  1. Because Democrats working with illegal aliens cheat so fucking much. Democrats are against voter ID laws.
    Because in CALIFORNIA when registering to vote they don't ask if a person is a legal citizen so anyone
    that wants to vote regardless of eligibility.

  2. Amen. Even the appearance of impropriety should be avoided.

    And, on another note, I am shocked to hear that one has to have a license to sell maple syrup in Vermont.
    The DATCP in WI says:
    "You don’t need a license or registration to produce and sell your own maple syrup from any location directly to the end consumer. Regardless of whether or not you need a license, you are responsible for producing a wholesome safe product.

    You need a registration if:
    ​You are selling maple syrup and/or concentrated sap to another processor for further processing, and your annual sales (between April 1 and March 31) are less than $5,000."

  3. Mr. Kobach, this, imo, is singularily, the most critical threat to our infrastructure, national elections, and individually, to the personal sovereignty of our rights. Coming from Texas, my vote is counted as a 1/4 on the national level. (Electoral College) I understand the necessity of fairness. But! The illegal vote disenfranchises my vote!

  4. Concerning elections and voting responsibility the USA is far behind any normal procedures.
    It is normal that voters have to show at least a photo ID!
    It is normal that only living registered voters have the right to vote!
    It is normal that illegals are not permitted to vote!
    It is normal that one person is allowed to vote only once!
    In my country Switzerland, it is normal that every voter gets a voter certificate for each time he/she has to vote!

    When do you intend to correct this?

    POTUS & Team = MAGA

  5. America has been secretly "invaded"… it's going to be difficult, maybe impossible, to correct this… I think it's over for us…

  6. Thank you Judical Watch!! Great job you guys are doing! Everyone please give what you can to JW, even if it is just the cost of one lunch it will help keep JW going. I do $10.00 a month, its an amount that does not impact my budget. Please donate something every month that won't impact your budget so they can hire more attorneys and file more lawsuits. ?

  7. treason doesn't have a statute of limitations. obama's in big DOG droppings pile now and can only get worse.Poor humaweiner and big tony lets hang them next to each other. slick willy and chilly queen and chillsay baby too. the whole clinton cartel for treason. Espionage and treason allowing a known felon to run for president when cummy weasel should have locked her and her whole cartel up a year before. chilly queen clinton's rein of terrorist support is coming to an end. soon in court we will hear. I don't recall , I plead the fifth, I didn't have any intention, I'm special needs cause I bumped my head when I fell down drunk. Yes sir you can use the clinton defense along with every spy we ever see again. They can all use it was a mistake I'll never do it again. I never LIED OR BROUGHT "I.T." SPIES TO HACK AND STEAL AND LIE to congress they just confused me. I MEANT to say yes I have TENS OF THOUSANDS of government documents on my computer and NO YOU MAY NOT HAVE THE EVIDENCE. THE PRESIDENT "god child king" OBAMA ORDERED SEALED FOR NATIONAL SECURITY. THE SECURITY OF THE DARK STATE IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN TRUTH. GOD BLESS AMERICA WE NEED IT.
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  9. Hey got an idea CLOSE DOWN DOJ and have JW take over and RESTART IT again slowly after CLEANING UP THE SEWER STINCH. , Better yet send all home except for trusted few in all DC. Skeleton crew WHY pay for Congress and Senate for doing nothing except obstruct leak sabatoge spy PLAY for pay . UNTIL full Investigation on All Are done. Bringing IN Highly vetted Personal to Rebuild Slim And TRIM. Need a wrecking ball to tear Down this Corrupted decaying structure From foundation . ThEN we Can build An INTEGRITY FOUNDATION With WALLS Of TRUTH And JUSTICE Swiftly !!! My vision , only one I Can see that will DRAIN THE SEWER RATS they have infiltrated EVER where. AND The Corrupt lobbyists can Get a Job Shoveling Shit their Own!!!

  10. It is obvious that illegals are voting. Just look at Pelosi, she had a town meeting were illegals were going off on her about DACA? DACA applies to ILLEGALS. Candidate for public office should not be concerned about illegals, because they shouldn't be voting!. Yet, Pelosi got mobbed by illegals??? Hello. This is her voting base…… illegals, PERIOD. End of Story.

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