JW Women Being Subtly Taught to Know Their Role

Apostate gives talk at Kingdom Hall:

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  1. Watchtower is losing so many converts, that they want their followers to give up on life an keep pushing to find converts to replace those that are leaving.

  2. I thought in the beginning it was a farce of the JW.ORG because of the attitude of the husband. Seriously rude and harsh on the woman.

  3. Women make up 65% of the JW population (pewforum). Men make up 35% of the JW population. 45% of the women are between the ages of 18-49. In 2007 men made up 40% of the JW population (women, 60%). In 2014 men decreased to 35% of the JW population while women increased to 65% of the JW population.

    When I attended I saw more wives with worldly husbands along with JW children, than vice versa.

    I think that men and women are different and more women like the safety that authority is perceived as providing. Both religion and a man as the head of the household provides that perception of security. That perception of security is conducive to having children as it provides the feelings of safety. Hence, why I think women will find worldly spouses to have children or, worldly women choosing to join the religion and bring their worldly children with them, leaving their worldly husband as a prop to their religious and social lives.

    Perceiving women as disadvantaged victims, by both men and women, gives the impetus to provide further security and care to women.

    Women are valued for 'being' women because their bodies make babies. Men aren't valued for 'being' men as such, but are valued for what they 'do'. Men's worth, is tied to what men 'do', not for 'being' men. Women start off with the status of being valued and of worth simply for 'being' women, men aren't. This is why men have to prove themselves, their worth, to others, in order to be valued.

    Men are the ones leaving the religion and facing the repercussions of that but no one speaks of gender in that regard. Or why it is that the privileged class is leaving while the perceived disadvantaged class is increasing (percentage-wise).

    By the way, women make up 50.8% of the U.S. population. Men make up 49.2% of the U.S. population.

  4. I noticed the husband came close enough to his wife to say "bye" and grab his lunch from her, and then promptly sidled right past her. (To say nothing of the kid.) Pretty gross.. I mean, these are videos about "how to act", right? And they show the husband doing that garbage.

    This whole video could've been about how not to take your wives for granted, but I guess they decided to go a different direction. ? And if I dared comment about that at the KH, you know I'd be pulled aside for stating the obvious.

  5. Despicable, another message reinforcing the mental attitude that the Society OWNS YOU, THEY OWN YOUR TIME.
    Watchtower here, you all don't mind if we treat you like a slave, do you? After all we're going to hand you Paradise, just don't let up, endure to the end. What a small trade off, isn't it? Remember dear Brothers and Sisters, most all will die and be dead FOREVER, but you won't will you, because you obeyed.

  6. she forgot about her memory book? The schedule I thought was referring to the housework haha and I thought what a prick. I HATE this video. THis will speak to my sister who is an artist in her bones, but with a fulltime job, 3 kids JW crap, and pioneering she never does what she wants to do. JWs dont know anything about painting and art work. Once you get into artwork it takes hours and if you interrupt the flow it affects the end result. You cant alot a little hour here and there, it can take a while to get into it. What happened to going on studies BY YOURSELF?!!! Its done! I can understand not wanting to go alone door to door. This is BS im so angry!!! My parents have not read anything apart frm WT crap for the past 30years. They wont even read a novel. I once lent my mum an excellent autobiography by a lady who came from her country of orgin and she would have LOVED It. she kept it for a good while then gave it back saying she hasnt got any time to read it. (She is retired).

  7. my parents were both reg pioneers from when I was an infant to a teen. I would often come home and they were still on service so I would be locked out. The amount of times I sat on the doorstep waiting for them to come home! I finally got given a key when I was 10 ffs

  8. would've been an EVEN BETTER DAY…had she helped at the local SOUP KITCHEN to feed the HOMELESS! – but the ORG never suggest that. ONLY HELP OTHER JWs and or possible FUTURE JWs. tsk tsk. Nevermind, an ELDER has no problem taking a day off or passing their minor responsibility onto others. Imagine if instead of driving to STARBUCKS and cruising up and down the blocks…during Field Service if they actually got out in the SUN and worked the doors with the group until the day was done! LOL

  9. The card from her dad was a joke!! Only a JW father would write something that impersonal to his child

  10. that and the constant guilt trips from my JW step grandma, she would tell me if I don't learn to cook or clean the house or be prim and proper myself that the young jw guys would not want to marry me ever and that they would choose the good domesticated jw girl as a partner. LOL thanks but ill pass !!!!! oh she would even praise my male cousins when they would clean around their house once in a while. but when I did, nothing.. yeah I want to be someone's partner not slave thanks old lady

  11. Cult Company dressed up as religion that uses Fear and Guilt tactics to get you to do what they want. This video is a great example.

  12. Hi there! Just in case you want to focus on true chronology. This might interest you…. Love you show!
    After Xenophon along with his pals, Plato, Aristotle and their students so cleverly revised the Greek timeline, destroying all the popular historical works to do so, it became very difficult to recover the original timeline. A couple hundred years later during the time of Berossus, a great interest in the astronomical texts from the time of Nebuchadnezzar II came into focus, which still reflected the original timeline, so the decision was to destroy all these texts. Apparently some Jewish astronomers were very concerned about losing any secular references to the original timeline dates and so they created coded astronomical diaries or "safety texts." The basic idea was to create texts with multiple astronomical references to a certain year during the of a particular king, particularly Nebuchadnezzar II, that reflected the new timeline. But the diary gave them the context to insert some references to the original timeline. It was a clever way to "hide in plain sight" what the true timeline was. The references from the old timeline thus appeared as slight "errors" in the text, which could then be used to refer back to the original timeline. Then they made multiple copies of these diaries, increasing the chance that some reference from the original timeline and astronomy would survive into the future. For instance, one diary quoted from by the WTS, the "Strm. Kambyses 400" (SK400) has 5 extant copies or fragments!

    Thus, now, when we come across an astronomical diary, we analyze it, find the errors and use the errors to track back to the original timeline. So far, every diary I've seen does the same thing. The most important diaries are two that come from the time of Nebuchadnezzar II since we can use these to confirm the Bible's original timeline. These are the VAT4956, of course, and the SK400. Both diaries have "errors" in them for their revised dates, but double-date back to the original timeline. The SK400 double dates back to 541 BCE for "year 7" of Nebuchadnezzar II; the VAT4956 has double dating back to 511 BCE for year 37 of Nebuchadnezzar. Of course when year 7 is dated to 541 BCE, then year 37 dates to 511 BCE, so the two texts together are more than a strong enough confirmation of what the original dating for the rule of Nebuchadnezzar II was.

    Of course, the astronomical details are technical, complex and boring. But basically these texts which give us the original timeline for Nebuchadnezzar II can now be used to confirm the Bible's timeline, which is quite amazing. Both texts, as noted, agree to the timeline which date year 7 to 541 BCE and year 37 to 511 BCE. This means year 23 falls in 525 BCE, the year of the last deportation (Jer. 52:30). The last deportation out of Egypt and then Judea begins a 70-year exile period ending the 1st of Cyrus. That being the case, the 1st of Cyrus is now re-dated to 455 BCE rather than 538 BCE. (525 – 70 = 455 BCE). But this agrees with the Bible's strict chronology based on the baptism of Christ in 29 CE! Christ's baptism was to occur "69 weeks" or 483 years after the "word goes forth to rebuild Jerusalem" in the 1st of Cyrus. Based on this prophecy, the "70 weeks" prophecy, the rebuilding must begin in 455 BCE.

    483 – 29 CE = 454 + 1 = 455 BCE

    Of course, this is a very obvious calculation so even JWs date the beginning of the "70 weeks" to 455 BCE. Based on the revised timeline, the closest event that can match that prophecy is the 53-day repair work Nehemiah did on the walls in the 20th year of Artaxerxes II. In the revised timeline year 20 falls in 445 BCE, which is 10 years too late. But a legitimate co-rulership between Darius I and his son, Xerxes, now ignored by the revised timeline, allowed them to remove 10 years of time and move year 20 back to 455 BCE. So that has worked for them… until now. Now the astronomical texts date the 1st of Cyrus back where it belongs to 455 BCE.

  13. Hey, here's a thought, since this lady has to 'plan for months' to get a 'single day off' (that's quoted directly from what she said in the video) then maybe these two grown ****ing MEN can make their OWN ****ing damn meals and do their OWN ****ing damn laundry and cleaning so as to help their wife and mother out! Seeing this asshole jw 'Christian father' pompously say to his wife, "Oh, good. You must be ahead of schedule." just makes me want to see him buried up to his neck in the desert under the hot sun with the buzzards waiting(!) – like in Jeremiah Johnson!

  14. Watching that JW propaganda video made me feel really sad yet relieved I am out of this crazy religion free of guilt, shame and fear. JW Broadcasting with it's televangelical bullshit really was the new light I needed to get out of there.

  15. In the return of the prodigal son the David character has both parents and makes mistakes but later return to his home to both his parents….oh but wait the evil character turns evil because since the beginning of the movie HE DID NOT HAVE A FATHER FIGURE because he was raised by a single mother. So us single mothers are raising apostate and rebellious men which don't come back to the "truth". As a single mother of a toddler I found that offensive!!

  16. We follow the Bible: (even when it isn't about us)
    “Let the woman learn in silence with all subjection. But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence. For Adam was first formed, then Eve. And Adam was not deceived, but the woman being deceived was in the transgression.”
    ‭‭1 Timothy‬ ‭2:11-14‬ ‭KJV‬‬
    “For I would that all men were even as I myself. But every man hath his proper gift of God, one after this manner, and another after that. I say therefore to the unmarried and widows, It is good for them if they abide even as I (single). But if they cannot contain, let them marry: for itis better to marry than to burn.” ‭‭1 Corinthians‬ ‭7:7-9‬ ‭KJV‬‬

    A JW cannot understand the setting, context, culture or prejudice of the Bible writers. The culture of 30-33 AD in this part of the world is part of all the writers in the Bible. JWs have this twisted notion that every bible verse is about them and valid today, they are not. The setting, customs, are unique to the time, not to the 21st century in many cases. Is marriage discouraged in the New Testament, NO, clearly Paul regards marriage as a weakness, that we should follow his example, his prejudices.

  17. I'm an outsider to all this because I'm not a Watchtower Society [cult] member, and I don't intend to become one. I'm a Christian [a Biblical Trinitarian]. Please allow me to repeat myself as follows: 2 Corinthians 11, verse 3 warns us that it is possible to be deceived "– in the same way that Eve was deceived by the snake's clever lies." It's my opinion the Watchtower cult is a deceiver. Most of the Watchtower members had entered the cult as good and decent people. However, the Watchtower's twisted NWT, teachings, publications and autocratic system corrupted those poor souls. Watchtower inductees, in a rather short period of time, undergo a metamorphosis. Those innocent folks just didn't know what they were walking into. If they had only known that Jude 3 told them that once for all the faith has been given [delivered] to us. That means there has been, and still, no need for new prophets [the Watchtower organization] and extra-biblical materials [Watchtower publications]. All one needs is the Bible, a recognized Bible, and to read scripture in light of scripture. For an example, read John 12, verses 39~41, then read Isaiah 6, verse 10. Now, imaginatively, ask Isaiah, “Isaiah, who did you see in your temple vision? Isaiah will say, “I saw Jehovah.” Now, go back to John 12, verses 39~41 and, imaginatively, ask John, “John, who did Isaiah see in his vision?” John will answer, “Isaiah saw Jesus.” Jesus is YHWH [JHVH]. Jesus is God. My plea, to all former and ex-Watchtower members, is that you'll become Christians and find a well-balanced church to attend. The Watchtower Bible and Tract Society is not a Christian religion and those who become Watchtower members cannot be Christians. That organization has commercialized and marketed the name Jehovah and acts as if the name Jehovah is for their use only. I'm sorry for such straight talk, but it is the truth. Thank you and peace be with you.

  18. how does the WT keep 800 to 900 million net worth all the time even with all these lawsuit settlements … members…..because many are leaving or just plain old and then dead for last 100 years…. because the END hasn't come yet….hehehe….I was a victim to this mind control cult to!!!

  19. the apron on, in the 1st place.. woman in the kitchen.. and then at the end, when she is sitting on the rock.. her cardigan is full of Pyramids.. hhhhhmmm

  20. Sarah ….Daisy … SImone … they were off painting … going to the mall …. watching apostate videos…

  21. they dont mind sisters working full time taking care of the children dong the housework,laundry, cooking and shopping all while their husbands pioneer and work their way up the JW corporate ladder and being allowed to neglect their families. I know many sisters who worked like dogs while the husbands get to b out in service out for lunch out for coffee and visiting other brothers and sisters. I've known marriages to crumble because of this. some sisters work like dogs in their role as helper ( I always wondered when the helping ended) apparently never.

  22. I went back and watched that video . Wow . How sad, being that he was reading right out of their bible and they didn't like it . I pray seeds were planted that day in the minds of those listening .

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