Larry Becraft: Elena Kagan’s Secret Mission is to Totally Socialize The 1st Amendment 3/4

Alex also talks with Larry Becraft, Jr., a constitutional attorney based in Huntsville, Alabama, who specializes in criminal defense cases, primarily involving the federal income tax.

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  1. @CJCA915 – In the Obama administration context "socialize" means government takeover as in a socialist country. Socialism in the purest sense simply means voluntary sharing, but when governments get into that act there's nothing pure or voluntary about anything.

  2. @CJCA915
    "what's wrong with socializing the 1st amendment?"
    Umm it already is… '=/

    "Socialization is a term… to refer to the process of inheriting norms, customs and ideologies…"
    Using your own definition. Talk to China if that's what you think.

  3. @1984IcameandIstayed Yep, like the vampire who is compelled to tell you it's going to drink your blood.

  4. @CJCA915 – They would say everyone's personal rights belong to the state, probably with some bull like "the Constitution is an agricultural age document and now we live in a service age, meaning the interpretation…" They would do this with thousands of pages of complex rationalization and justification the way they do with everything legal. It's theft through complexity that allows them to say "You are our slave because up is down and slavery is freedom…" How isn't important to them.

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