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The idea of M theory is to bring the 5 different versions of string theory together. String theory is supposed to be a ‘theory of everything’ so there should be only one version, not 5. M-theory should solve this problem. Although a complete formulation of M-theory has not yet been formulated it should provides a framework for a models of the real world that combine general relativity with the standard model of particle physics. In such a theory each basic particle is created at the most fundamental level by vibrating strings that form different patterns. The problem with this is in the real world we think of the universe as having basically 3 dimensions that we experience over a period of time. M-theory would need 11 dimensions and these can only be explained if they are “curled up”, so they are much too small for us to ever see. For example, by following the path of a spiral, it is possible to go a great distance along it without moving very far. The extra dimensions can be thought of as tiny spirals – strings can move along them a great distance without being visible. This can be thought of as a mathematical trick—a trick that has little to do with the real world that is three dimensional and can be seen and touched. These videos explain an alternative view with the extra dimensions of string theory being just future possibilities and opportunities in our one three dimensional universe of continuous energy exchange, continuous creation. In such a theory the “curled up” dimensions can be seen and touched in the form of the Fibonacci Spiral being visible almost everywhere in nature.

The Paradox of Light, why is the Speed of Light Constant?

The Four Fundamental Forces within one Universal process

The future comes out of the present moment!

Photon the Evolutionary Driving Force of Life and Geometrical Driving Force of Spacetime

An alternative to the Block Universe

A reason for Cantor’s mathematical infinity an artist theory.

Pi π the Language of the Universe as in ħ = h/2π, ∆E ∆t ≥ h/2π and ∆×∆pᵪ≥h/4π

Golden ratio and Fibonacci spiral in a new atomic theory.

A rational reason for irrational numbers.

The symmetry of life where does it all come from?

Are we just temporary waves of energy?

The Energy behind the Power of Thought

The source of gravity is energy and momentum not mass

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  1. Feel free to ask any question about the theory, I will answer them the best I can!

  2. How is if possible for more than 3d tell me that please that's the one question that no one can show yes we can explain but that's like magic and we all know that's a trick so please please please explain that in a vidio as it can't be done as it's the Rothschild family oil mad sending us into bull land with poor Horkins as a voice who could not talk ECT it's stopping real work from happening and it's evil for a start

  3. Very interesting. I still think that the string theory is about traveling outside of time and space. But you are saying we cannot experience it. We cannot see wind but we can see what it does. I have never been to Jupiter but I know it is there and what it looks like from a telescopic view. There are micro universes that exist inside every atom.

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