Macron: ‘One day the US will come back to the Paris agreement’

Emmanuel Macron made an impassioned speech in Washington on Wednesday advocating many of the things, including the Paris climate change accord, that Donald Trump has spent much of his presidency trying to destroy. 

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Written by lena

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  1. He's such a jackass, IDK why when he was first elected I thought he was cool… Macron I mean, I never thought Trump was cool.

  2. Many UK British citizens have waken up to the deceptive stronghold of EU's enslavement agenda. The Serpent's "kiss on the cheek" is the ultimate deadly betrayal to humanity. In Eden, the Serpent beguiled the FIRST Couple by charm & a superior hellish "wisdom, godhood" offer resulting w/ billions dead! –Globalist insist there can be only their World Order ahead. Macron forges abandonment of sovereign nationalism for globalism; making his appeal & seduction w/hefty sensual charm & attempted masterful deception. Without doubt it''s a facade illusion of democracy, false promises and lies for sure; all for Word Order agenda. The tomorrow enslavement the EU has in mind will devastate the world AND too late for the masses taken by craft.—-God help US! A buttery intimate act of "friendship" between the two men; Macron's total disregard for US President values he ran on & Macron's rejection of the USA nation with a history of defending its boarders & sovereignty. "Macron's kiss of death" reflects the EU 's agenda very well.

  3. An insignificant little surrender monkey President who has suddenly been put on the world stage over Syria and with Mama Issues and we are supposed to take him seriously? Paris and France has been attacked by Islamists and he is farting all over the world pretending to be a statesman. The Paris agreement is part of the NWO agenda, Macron is a lackey of it..

  4. Trump has a beautiful young wife. Macron has a beautiful experienced wise wife. Macron is perfect, Trump is great – maybe they could swap their wives and not molest each other.

  5. Western leaders must finally understand that liberty and democracy should never be a priority for them. They should take a look at the rest of the World where no one cares about democracy and democratic values. Nationalism and patriotism is what makes a nation strong. It is what we must stand for. We must fight globalism multiculturalism. Trump is the smartest leader in the entire Western World at the moment.

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