Man-made Global Warming debunked! Check The Facts!

You need to spend only 9 minutes, to get the basic arguments! Don’t buy into the scam about man-made global warming, it’s a hoax, made up by “politicians” and BIG BUSINESS! It’s another example how easily large scale lies can be sold to the general public, who are brain-washed by the MSM! Resist BIG BROTHER, it’s time to wake up!!!

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Written by lena

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  1. Not one mention of sulfides , suppose they will find an excuse for global bleaching events too . Oh well, at least we have good cell phones !

  2. How can you believe anything Bill Gates says, knowing that he claims to have invented the DOS Operating System and Windows when he stole both of them by deception and subterfuge.

  3. This is what gets me: Science 101, taught in schools before the mid 70's…..Trees LIVE and THRIVE on CO2!!!! Carbon Monoxide and Carbon Dioxide is what keeps the TREES and many plants ALIVE!!! Only IDIOTS do not understand this fact of Science!!! In "1" Volcano blast "1" BLAST there is more CARBON released than anything man can do in many life times! And look what happens short years after this event of that area! Mt St. Helens a few years later is over grown abundantly!!!  Global Warming is a MONEY SCAM to RIP OFF the MASSES!!! This planet is millions if not billions of years old and it is a LIVING thing, anything that comes from the earth will return to the earth, and that is how God designed it!!! So men think they know so much "Hawkings and Bill Gates" but in reality they know little to nothing in comparison to the Almighty Who created all this!!!

  4. The liberal hoax of climate change has devastated the seaside property values in Florida. What a great investment opportunity. Sell your trailer in your trailer park and put all your money into this property. You lucky ducks.

  5. so your driving in a car at 100 mph with all your friends and the map shows a solid wall in front of you ….
    you go. " maybe I slow down"
    your rich friend next to you says " NO.. I'm late..speed up ..there's no wall there"
    green or blue pill. your choice

  6. Anthropogenic global warming….if only it were so. Global warming would move the limit of the grain belt way up into Canada and Siberia.  Greater CO2 would dramatically increase crop yields. Hunger would cease globally. CO2 levels were many times greater in ancient times, yet no Armageddon occurred. Read the scientific papers of Dr. Heinz Hug to learn the truth of the limits of the greenhouse effects of CO2. It has very narrow bands of absorption, 1. 2.7, 4.3, 15 micrometers are the generalized spectral peaks. These  are ALL absorbed to extinction within 30 feet of the ground. Adding more does not increase energy absorption, but only reduces the distance needed for full absorption by a foot or two. In fact  high CO2 levels caused  higher O2 levels (photosynthesis) that  allowed the dinosaurs to exist. They could not live today as the O2 levels are too low for such large animals. The climate changes we have seen in the geologic record are entirely disconnected from the CO2 levels. The reason for climate change is entirely due to the output of the sun and the amount of cosmic rays striking the atmosphere. Watch the You Tube video "Svensmark: the cloud mystery" and maybe read his book "The chilling stars" to understand the reasons for climate change, and it has NOTHING to do with CO2. After doing these things,  look on the US Geologic Survey website and find the graphs of Earth temperatures over the last 2 million years. This time period includes all the recent ice ages. You will see that this data proves we are leaving the current interglacial warm period and are entering the next ice age. In our lifetimes we will be within the next ice age. The fraud of anthropogenic global warming exists because the globalists are subsidizing it to convince us to accept a global carbon tax, that is to get western nations to accept it. There is no call for China, the greatest producer of CO2 in history, to pay such a tax. ONLY the west. This tax will in effect take money from poor people in rich countries and give it to rich people in poor countries. These globalists know of the coming ice age. Who is paying to build their subterranean survival cities so they and their families and allies can re populate the Earth after the 100,000 year coming ice age ends? Why, YOU and ME are of course! If the climate could be changed with just the control of the CO2 levels in the atmosphere, we could easily control the climate at will to get the temperatures we want. If we only could. Don't fall for this fraud. AGW is the greatest fraud ever thrust upon the people of the world in all of history. Don't buy it, educate yourself instead. As a final note, read about the Vostog ice core samples, and other following sample sets to see that ice ages are preceeded by a brief warming period. We are in that stage now.

  7. I have a mixture of feelings when I watch Bill Gates act like a fool. Half of me feels good for recognizing it and the other half is pure pity

  8. I smell a lot of paid off scientists,bought by big oil and coal! It is 2017 and the past three years have been the hottest on record with 2017 to be hotter still no effort to change it may be too late already thanks to the deniers little is being done to change time is running out!

  9. The way the global warming/climate change pushers attack those who question their methods, calling them "deniers," thus evoking "Holocaust deniers," is sickening.
    Extraordinary claims require evidence, guys, not ad hominem attacks.
    Follow the money. It's about money and power. Redistribution of income, from me and you to the rich, with a pittance to poor countries.

  10. This is their justification for turning a society into misfits and worthless eaters as they call the masses and then do what these diabolical creatures do best, usury, lies, rape, torture and genocide.

  11. Lemme clarify somethings Climate deniers. You get your evidence from politicians, it's fake, you get it from the media, it's fake, you get it from a blog or social media, it's probably fake. The only evidence I trust is scientific research Plain And Cold. Thank you 😊


  13. Thatcher was PM when OPEC puked in the 1970s. Then miners went on strike. Thatcher started the movement for alternative fuels, she didn't trust OPEC or coal miners. And THEN she put government money up to do research into co2 from oil and coal, with the pre-determined outcome of "CO2 bad". Then govt after govt tossed money at the "RESEARCH!" which….guess what? Yes..supported the idea of CO2 is bad and leads to "global warming". So then every scientist who valued his government grants took up the cry. Our climate DOES change, and the science knows why. Solar Irradiation. Lotsa activity, warm climate. less activity, cooler climate.  For Bill Nye the stupid science gay uh guy, yes there is CO2 gas in the ice cores and it was higher during times of warming. But guess what? CO2 is a TRAILER!!! of temperature. NOT A PREDICTOR or CAUSER!!!! And almost a perfect lag between temp rise, and THEN CO2 rise.. But solar? dead on century after century. And THIS is the real science. Bill Nye is a bona fide moron.

  14. All the scientist or Profesor got any papers? And by the way next time check who its funding this people in your videos

  15. On mount Ararat near 4000 meters ( over 13000 feet) above see level was found a remains of a boat – Noah's ark. Are we going to repeat this experience !?

  16. Yes, man-made global heating is a fact and is increasing in intensity at an increasing rate.  Simple physics.  Go watch potholer 54 climate change on YouTube and then go to Google Images and enter "glaciers then and now".  Let your lyin' eyes work you over.

  17. From Wikipedia:

    "On July 27, 2006 ABC News reported that a Colorado energy cooperative, the Intermountain Rural Electric Association, had given Michaels $100,000.[37] An Associated Press report said that the donations had been made after Michaels had "told Western business leaders … that he was running out of money for his analyses of other scientists' global warming research" and noted that the cooperative had a vested interest in opposing mandatory carbon dioxide caps, a situation that raised conflict of interest concerns.[38]

    Michaels acknowledged on CNN that 40 per cent of his funding came from the oil industry.[39] According to Fred Pearce, fossil fuel companies have helped fund Michaels' projects, including his World Climate Report, published every year since 1994, and his "advocacy science consulting firm", New Hope Environmental Services.[40]

    A 2005 article published by the Seattle Times reported that Michaels had received more than $165,000 in fuel-industry funding, including money from the coal industry to publish his own climate journal.[8]"

    Just saying ….

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