MAPPED: Russia readying for ‘opening attack of World War 3’ – DAILY NEWS

MAPPED: Russia readying for ‘opening attack of World War 3’
RUSSIAN forces are readying for the “opening attack” of a short decisive war against NATO, a shocking report has claimed.

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  1. Yeah, russia will conquer europe to pay his astronomical debts maybe? Or to feed his rapefugees… Pathetic losers…

  2. We have been hearing about this war since 10 years ago but nothing is happening let’s go and do it US you will win as always know one can do any thing against you

  3. Putins just bitching because 200 of he's lowlife mercenaries got blow away the ones that where running around in Ukraine in plain clothes pretending to be civilians while killing Ukrainians good job USA for killing them thugs

  4. M.o.n.e.y. now who changed my bank card to grey 2030. Zeta seal. It was blue. Now who gassed me. Dear god let 3d have the gas. Dear camera 3d die twat

  5. Just stop procrastinating you power crazy idiot and do it, please. Meanwhile, while you do this you leave your back door open, thanks

  6. US neokons endangering Europe, pushing for confrontation with Russia. Elites puppet Brits are playing deadly game. Both Russia and Europe are Christian nations, they don't need barbaric Zionists to run their policy for them.

  7. The US and its Allies have over 85% of all MODERN Military power… lets be realistic Michael lennon is right…

  8. If Europe attacks Russia most of their people will be ashes blown away in the wind. The US has a military budget the size of the next 7 military budgets. Everyone knows who the aggressor is. THE US.

  9. Another propoganda – don't bee fooled – not Russia is going to attack but NATo is preparing to attack Russia and it is just normal that they are shifting their troops to borders where USA and NATO forces are – If someone would come to your land and build militarry basis would you not be doing the same as russia

  10. Talk of war is that all their is. You people just talk of death destruction killing. A sad case for this world just thinking war excuses excuses for war too bad what will happen a miracle from the man will stop this, before stupidity does!!

  11. Nonsense. Putin deserves more credit than that. Putin said that a nuclear war serves no purpose for humanity.

  12. LMAO!!! Russia is fuckin poor!! Try and fight America and Russia will go back to the stone age this time.

  13. Putin too busy showing off their weapons…we dont do that…we pull out our killer weapons when its time…

  14. Russia can beat Europe quickly if they use their nukes on Western Europe; France, Belgium, The Nederlands, England and Germany will be a sandpit because Russia don't need them and they al have al nukes and that's the threat for Russia . The rest is a game for them with 2 million soldiers and Nato with 300 000. Now what will you do NATO ? Stay at the East European border and risk millions of Europeans to die ? Tell the truth President Trump and Theresa may because it's the US and England that brought us in danger !!! Not Europe !!!

  15. Pres Putin if you are reading this take note while i have great regards for you as a global leader. I also recognize you have to be prepared militarily if NATO and Europe attacks you. Please use restraint as i also urge nato the same. Millions of Europeans and Russians will die. This is my concern.

  16. None of the world leaders actually know how much human live is such a gifted thing so you should all dismantle your weapons and let this world carry on for our women and children to grow up in a safer world stop playing all these silly games when's the next war of that kind of War there will be nothing left….

  17. Who may know, whose clever steps are heading resulting these provocations and casualties!!😥😥

  18. They all afraid USA,Coward Russia bombing in Syria to scare others ,killing innocent kids and women.
    May God destroy Russia and Putin !! Amen!

  19. Putin's Russia is Responsible for the content of mind UK love see Action against Salisbury Chemicals Nerve poison Russia is Responsible for the content yu ar responsible for yr Action killing yr own Russia family fuck yuu m/fucker evil killing you're men and women. UK

  20. Yu trust putin eveil with no respect for the content of mind UK threatening to make a mistake with his days ar numbers like Zimbabwe UK

  21. This is set up War by those elites evil fallen angels on earth to take over the world ! Don't be idiot to let those Elite evil government start killing games again and again ! ?! Those evils wanted to kill us all human ! Fight those evil elite who controlling the world and the world system back please ! Do not be fool to go war or mislead by them ! Destroy those evil elites in every system inside the country . Fight against them everyone ! Stop being fool or mislead by them

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