Meet The Father of the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence

Scientists are leaping exponentially closer to finding life beyond Earth. Missions to Mars and Saturn’s moons are prime candidates for finding the first signs of life and NASA can now identify more than 3,500 planets outside our solar system, many with habitable temperatures. That number is quickly growing as space travel technology improves and probes head deeper into the galaxy. Nuclear physicist Taylor Wilson explores one of our civilization’s most perplexing questions: Are we alone?

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  1. Imagine a scenario that there are other civilizations in the universe and two constants: first, resources are limited in the universe; second, survival is the priority of each civilization. If we actively sending out messages and disclosing our location in the universe, then when a civilization with better technology finds out where we are, the only outcome will be earth being destroyed.

  2. NASA identifies planets that can be habitable I don't think so I think they just made another cartoon too bad they can't show us a real picture of the Earth

  3. When the aliens attack I hope this old man and Vice reporter are the first ones captured, analy probed, forced to mate and demonstrate the futility of male to male reproduction and then killed. Why would we invite aliens to come to our world?

  4. I've heard people say that they should send a CD or some other form of digital medium out into space. The thing is, you would then have to somehow include instructions on how to decode what is essentially a string of zeros and ones. Any damage to the digital medium would likely make it hard to make sense of it, as well. With an analog record, it's much easier to illustrate how to play it with pictograms. A damaged record will not stop the rest of the recording from being played, either. Now, whether ET will be able to understand the strange sounds that emanate from it once they play it, that's a whole other problem. When you think about it, our voices are just a series of sounds that come out of an orifice on our bodies. Kind of like controlled farting. And those sounds correspond to things that might be a uniquely human experience. Things like love might mean nothing to a hive mind on an individual level. But, hey, at least they'll have something that shows that there are others out there among the stars. Hopefully they are peaceful and wouldn't see the Earth as something to exploit in some way. I wonder if as the Voyager probes start shutting down their systems to save power, they have enough juice to continue emitting a tiny homing beacon. Just a beep every minute or so. I'm not sure if that is built into them. Probably not. Therefore they will probably never be found. They'll just continue floating around in our galaxy, perhaps burning up in a star or crashing into another planet or asteroid and, travelling at 17 kilometers per second, being totally obliterated. 🙁 But, space is HUGE and they could very well continue flying around for thousands if not millions or even billions of years hence. Tiny specks that will remain as the only remnants of our existence and accomplishments…

  5. The Drake equation is ridiculous. We know next to nothing about life on earth and less then nothing about life elsewhere. And yes, I know less then nothing is impossible. It’s used as an illustration point.

  6. If your "correspondent" is that ugly and weird you should avoid putting shots of him on the final edit. Just show us Mr. Drake talking, he is the reason why we are watching the video and I don't want to cringe every 30 seconds.

  7. Why are there soooo many weirdos on here that don't believe in science or the search for the unknown? If you don't believe in all the science that made your life so much better, go live in a place where there's no internet, no medicine, no electricity…. then see how much you think science is somehow a leftist, hippy thing with only dweebs and absurdity.

  8. A record. Stupidest thing I ever seen. Find one teenager on this planet that knows what a record is or could play it. Morons.

  9. What is this? like Bedtime in the Princess Bride. Grandpa explains space to his Grandson…

    Isn't he the kid from Mercury Rising? Did he win a colouring competition? Is this "bring your child to work day" at vice? Am I watching sesame street? He looks like a Prepubescent child .

    He looks like a 10 years old Christian Bale in the 1987 classic "empire of the sun".

    He looks like one of the Rugrats.

    He looks like a MISSING advert on a milk carton.

    He looks like one of Hanson – umm bop.

    He looks like a young girl.

    He looks like he got his teacher an apple yesterday.

    He looks like he is unqualified to talk on anything significant due to the fact he has NO life experience.

  10. No matter the content – Your videos are very high quality. I am really impressed. You have covered so many topics that don't really interest me, but thanks to your presentation, I always enjoyed it. Great job!

  11. If we're alone the simulation theory has more weight to it. People of the future will find out I suppose.

  12. when I was a kid I used to think about how cool it is that we are trying to find them, nowadays i just think this is a terrible idea

  13. "Mathematically, it's almost impossible for Earth to be the only planet with life." Oh no, mathematically, it is just as possible for EARTH to be the only planet with life. Because Multi-Verse. Motherboard is terribly mis-informed.

  14. So you mean it's not critical for submarine short wave comms. , or just the Alien front story? The Russians and other countries had armed guards at such locations.

  15. 🇧🇷Whatever happened to the evangelical concept of “Jesus riding dinosaurs up in the moon”?

  16. please, clear your throat, you incredibly interesting to listen to old man, i'm really in a dilemma here…

  17. father of ET LIFE picking fruits with a big smile on his face. the only good thing he did throughout his life. its pity that without knowing your own life u r out to search other life. all your life u wasted resource which could be invested in growing more fruits atleast.

  18. Err, so what about those of us that have already had contact? Do you just scrap us to the looney bin until our scientists have had 'official' contact? By the looks of Drakes face at 7:15 mark, seems to me, he already knows we've had contact.

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