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What kind of person takes a cruise not for a week or a month, but for the rest of his life? Meet Mario Salcedo, who says that nearly 20 years of nonstop cruise ship living have made him “The Happiest Guy in the World” — though the truth of that claim may be in the eye of the beholder.

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This is the third Op-Doc from the prolific young director Lance Oppenheim. In last year’s “No Jail Time: The Movie,” he delved into a subculture of lawyers using filmmaking techniques to reduce their clients’ sentences. His Op-Doc debut was “Long Term Parking,” about a group of airline employees who live in an airport parking lot. Together, “Long Term Parking” and “The Happiest Guy in the World,” draw a vivid portrait, both hopeful and bleak, of Americans trying to redefine what counts as “home.”

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  1. For who had travelled alone for a long period, you know he is not happy. It is possible that he get used with that kind of life, not sadness, but it is impossible to be really happy alone. Hapiness is only real when shared.

  2. It's a start….I wish all the conservative republicans would board a ship and sail away to somewhere else!

  3. Nothing in the world beats the happiness of holding your own kid.. being held by a loved one, helping people… Making a change in the world..

  4. Great video. Reminds me of "Up in the Air." There are unspoken volumes here, wonderfully captured with the right framing and timing.

  5. Well if he is the happiest guy in the world I don't want to be this kind of happiest guy in the world.

  6. Not for me. But if he is happy…. I bet he is asexual and aromantic, like me. I totally get his reasoning on how he wants to die too.

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