Melania Trump Has A BODY Double?! Here’s Why Twitter Thinks So

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The internet thinks Melania Trump was replaced with a body double and the conspiracy theories have people FREAKING. OUT.

Attention, will the real Melania please stand up? I repeat, will the real Melania please stand up? We’re gonna have a problem here.

On Friday the 13th, Trump was doing press on the White House lawn before heading to the U.S Secret Service Training Center. Standing next to him was his wife Melania Trump, but the internet wasn’t so sure. Melania or as the internet is calling her Woman X, was wearing black sunglasses with a trench coat and some how didn’t look identical to the Melania we are used to seeing so people immediately started to freak out, especially because Trump made a point to say this:

Huh? It’s pretty clear that she’s standing right there so some think it was super suspicious that Trump felt the need to point out the obvious. Joe Vargas was one of the first skeptics. While watching the press conference he tweeted – “This is not Melania. To think they would go this far & try & make us think it’s her on TV is mind blowing. Makes me wonder what else is a lie.” Joe speculated that maybe Melania has a body double so that she doesn’t have to stand around and listen to her husband speak. Others have theorized that maybe the real Melania left him and he hired a body double to hide the scandal.

Andrea Wagner Barton posted a video of the speech on facebook along with side by side photos of Melania without sunglasses alongside one of her from the press conference and said QUOTE – “Will the real Melania please stand up? Is it me or during his speech today a decoy ‘stood in’ for Melania??
And….Why would the moron say ‘my wife, Melania, who happens to be right here…’

Naturally the conspiracy theory hit Twitter’s funny bone and the humorous tweets came pouring in. One person tweeted a gif of Joanne the Scammer with the caption – “Fake Melania be like you need to worry about your life and your career.” Another tweeted – “The Melania body double conspiracy theory is the new ‘Avril Lavigne was replaced by a lookalike’ in the sense that I’m very here for it.”

But the theory has since been proven to be fake news because later on in the day, Melania was photographed with her sunglasses off and it’s very much so her. So this case is closed…for now. What do you guys think of the Melania Trump body double theory? Sound off in the comment section below, don’t forget to subscribe and then click right over here for details on the Ariana Grande meme that has gone viral. Thanks for watching Clevver News, I’m your host Drew Dorsey and I’ll see you next time.

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  1. We didn’t tou say since the beginning that it was in fact her instead of FrEkING….&.!:eñeizbseldoxjzkosowkwwpdo

  2. Okay but the reason he felt the need to tell everyone that Melania was standing next to him was bc he had forgotten she was next to him at another press conference ??? That dumbass literally was like "Melania really wanted to be with us today" and she was standing right next to him. He has to make sure he doesn't forget his wife is next to him. He was trying to remind himself

  3. Her nose looks like a bad plastic nose.. If they can do big mommas house, Mrs. Doubtfire, the klumps etc.. Why couldn't they find someone to give her a better nose lmao he's got a ton of money

  4. Wow they were like Usher Trading Places because he released people was saying or thinking its not her so they brought in the real one ?????

  5. Why would Melania removing her glasses later prove that the earlier instance wasn't a double? If it proves anything, it's that she's in on it and the double is not there because she left him or is hiding a black eye or some other sinister theory.

  6. I think the first Melania is a decoy and the second one is real. Perhaps, she had to attend to something else earlier. The first Melania has curly tips and her hair parting is more to the left 0:24 and the second one has straight tips and her hair parting is more to the middle 2:20. Her hair also has different highlights and looks different.
    I don't know, just my observation.

  7. Where is the picture or video of her with the sunglasses off? What a stupid production, trying to debunk while not providing evidence.

  8. I thought Melanaia gained weight and her neck looked shorter than usual in this picture. Or I thought this her outfit did not look good on her because it made her neck shorter and fat.

  9. nope I still believe it's not her because if you look at the hair that Melania has while she's standing next to trump while he's giving the speech it's different from the hair she has while standing next to him in the picture. It looks more like hay or burnt a little in the part where he's giving the speech.

  10. America you are one sick country that likes satan's way of spreading stupid conspiracy theories & think this is smart & being a good way to educate others by taking information & misrepresentation of it & those that spread these theories are even sicker because all you are doing is satan's work to divide your nation to cause it to fall to destruction for a nation divided will not stand! Just like Mr.Trump has been doing saying all negative news about him is fake news that is why God gave you a fake President because you like to spread fake conspiracy theories like he does! Wake up before it is too late & your country is pushed into a civil war because you do not want to take the log out of your own eyes while you are trying to take the sawdust out of your neighbours eyes!

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