Mo roaches- ex jw

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Written by lena

Foodie, Performer, Water Protector, Avid Baker, Syndicate Aggregator. I probably still live in my mom's basement.


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  1. The Devil is something else; She is so sincere though. Don't worry, she'll come around. I too responded in kind when I first first "Australia Royal Commission" People, it is the hardest thing that I have had to deal with to discover the "truth" is a lie. And, it is a lie. The Devil is cunning indeed!

  2. Did you get through?
    I think you might have caused a crack in the foundation of her looney toon Cultish belief system. She was listening, and even though her ego and indoctrination may not have allowed her to show interest in what you were saying, especially in front of her child and whipped hubby, I would bet she will be ruminating on your words for a few days.

  3. Was excellent when you said if i am lying it will just increase your faith, but if its true then obviously you need to know about it.

  4. most excellent work Adrian.  They were all listening the entire time.  Even the little girl.  she is now subconsciously aware of the abuse issues in her own org.  she WILL remember this day.  trust in that, alone.  you're a great father.

  5. My dad's best friend was an atheist, he took very good care of his family. On his deathbed, though, he acknowledged God's existence. He was such a very nice person we all loved and respected him.

  6. Next time ask why there was such a focus at the convention on child sexual abuse.  Why  did they cover that topic now?  Did they discuss mandatory reporting?  What are the "appropriate authorities"?  That gives the impression to many that they are referencing law enforcement.  The JW Headquarters define "appropriate authorities" as the JW Branch Legal Department NOT POLICE!  So why did HQ feel the need to give the impression to the rank and file that they do the right thing about child sexual abuse?

  7. With everything you said to her, she openly said she would not look into it, that alone has got to make her think about why she won't look into it. Even though you have a cowboy copy of the Sheppherding book it's still effective in pointing out that there are things hidden and she will remember that. Physically showing it to her son forces her to address that issue with him. Then he'll wonder why there's all this secrecy.

  8. Let's hope that you helped this family to wake up, Adrian. Down the road, if something personally happens to her, or a member of her family, she will remember the conversation verbatim.

  9. Have you noticed that when you approach the carts, the JW's act like those Coneheads on SNL whenever someone asked them where they were from?  They'd look at each other panic-stricken before blurting out "France!"

  10. The woman spoke about a recent convention part informing JWs on how to protect children from child abuse. Here's a very interesting fact to note about that part: It never mentions calling the police! It only tells parents steps to take to safeguard their children. Very telling.

  11. This was one of your best videos.
    I am a new Christian, a disciple of Christ for the last 7 months. I have been following your work since a a few weeks and love what you do, specially the ones you are humble in your approach and teachings.
    One think I can tell you for sure is that God is real, His name is Jesus Christ. All religions are man made and not of God and having a direct relationship with Christ and the holy spirit is the most awesome thing any human being can experiment.

    I would love to chat with you or anyone reading this comment. I am of no denomination and of any church, I have been praying for the sick and casted out demons and have seen the power of Christ more times than I can keep track in the last 7 months.

    Keep up the good work and keep searching the truth, not through man but direct guidance. Humans can just assist you in pointing out the direction, in a selfless way with no self interest in any way.

    My skype and FB name is Rafi Allaouirdian, write me a message as you send a friend request so I know who you are

    God bless

  12. I’m a Jehovah’s Witness and I didn’t believe you when you said the WTS was a member of the U.N. But I looked it up…and I’m in shock to learn what you said was true. I’m truly dismayed to learn of this. All those years we are told the U.N. was pure evil and I learn they are a part of it?? I’m just shell shocked

  13. And if the child or the parents tell anyone, they can then be charged for slander and dissed. Because their were no Two witnesses. Sick. Great video Adrian. Stay strong brother.

  14. When alls said and done and wt gone the world will see who it was that brought down this evil wicked cult, and I'm sure that your name will be right near the top off the list, stay strong.

  15. She keeps saying "they were very clear, they were very clear, they've been very clear…" ask her then if they were so clear did they ever mention calling the police?

  16. It's amazing how they are so scared to research. But then again, we've all been there. No one wants to face the reality that they have been lied to. Sad. Good video, hopefully what you said hit a nerve.

  17. If she goes home and checked it out,she will be out with you.hope she does. Your getting better and better at this,great

  18. Sad she puts her kid in this when she can take her kids out to a fun place. !!! I this one of the best. But I keep saying that. Your good. The lady is like my Catholic friends who will not let go of idol worships. She's in DENIAL. Lol

  19. Just some conjecture on my part, but I'm thinking she heard more than you may think that she did. She was shaking her head in acknowledgement of more than you may have noticed at the time. If you take the time to re-watch this, you may see confirmation of this
    It wouldn't surprise me if her son has already been aproched regarding being groomed as an elder starting off with the opportunity to become a ministerial servant.
    5:43 I can see him take in the reality of "leaving it in Jehovah's hands." @ 6:04 he is really taking this in the ramifications this could cause.
    @ 8:20 she's looking at you like, ooooooh, you were @ Bethel? As you continue, she can tell that you have done this.
    @ 8:45 they both heard you and belived you. The stuff she was saying to you were more for herself as thought stopping techniques. She also said to you, in so many words, that if this is what you feel you need to do then do it. I think that was her sincere thoughts from her own heart. I also think that the son will be downloading the shepherding of the flock book from the internet. After you said to remember this book and you showed him the cover picture. @ 16:24 His little sister looked up at him almost knowingly that he would be the one to do that.

  20. Wow! You are getting better and better!! This brought tears to my eyes! Believe me, you got thru to them! That young man will definitely do some research, if he hasn't already, and the mom? She may have seemed in defense of the org.. but, ya know whar? She kept talking.. she didn't shut down, and cut you off. She was interested in what you had to say.
    And everything you said was on point! Perfect! You showed love and concern for her and also respect. You represent the apostate community very well! Thank you.❤️❤️❤️❤️

  21. Great Job!!! I'm trying to gather a possy to do a stand in, outside the local kingdom hall. I live in small town of 17000 on Vancouver Island…but my search for ex jw's here have come up empty. No response from fb. I wish you luck with all you do and know that many of us are with you.

  22. Sister, you are only a sister, stuck between an adult male, and a child, in the eyes of WT. You have not a clue what is in the secret Elder's book, which by the way, sister, you can read online for yourself, as Adrian pointed out. And sister, you better watch your child closely, because the "two witness" rule is going to turn your KH's into "sanctuary cities" for pedophiles.

    The only way to get that policy changed, will be through the sisters with children, lawd knows, the Elder husbands are too chicken gutted to oppose WT policy. Watch the Australian Royal Commission, is not apostate material, it's a Government investigation that did not focus on just JWs, but on all the religions in the area. The Elder's manual, Adrian pointed out, is also NOT apostate material, research what it says for yourself, it is a WT publication. It will not be a "sin" for you to read it. Besides the manual, there are private communications between WT HQ, and the Elder body that deal with the subject that you, sisters, will never know about, unless you break into the file cabinet/safe, where said letters are kept. Some of those letters have been leaked, but it is an apostate showing it to you, so I would not want you to violate your conscience on the matter, but the Elder's manual, and the ARC are not apostate material. View those, then call WT HQ on the subject, see what they have to say. Tell them you watched the ARC, and saw the Elder's manual. Tell them you want the policy of reporting changed, so that your child has a safe place to worship Jehovah. It's going to have to be you sisters, crying out in droves to WT HQ, if you hope for any change. I know the pain, I WAS a victim 50 odd years ago, to several JW men. For God's sake sisters, take action to protect your children.

    You need two witnesses, physical evidence can be that 2nd witness, if the abuse occurred recently. As uncomfortable the process can be, take your child to a local hospital, and have a rape kit done. Take the clothes your child was wearing at the time, with you. If there is physical trauma, and trace evidence, they can be your "two witnesses". If there is, the hospital staff will call the authorities for you. When the police/agent shows up, then summons an Elder to the hospital. That takes the issue completely out of the Elder's hands, and it can also lead to a Judicial hearing, and expulsion. That's the only case where I see DFing as a good action.

  23. Awesome! Great job;) I like that she talked to you;))) I think she’s going to think about you’re talk with her;)) at least her son..
    great job Adrian;)))

  24. You did so good and stayed so calm, while I was sitting her fuming!! The cult mentality was evident when she finally just flat out told you she was NOT going to look into it. She would rather put blind faith in this self admitting "imperfect" organization than to step outside her comfort zone and do research that could save her children's lives!! She is now putting her fingers in her ears. But she cannot unhear what you told her. It will always be there in the back of her mind. You did good.

    And to darkrelief just as I will not hold back speaking out against the JW's, I also will not hold back speaking about my atheism. You can always put your fingers in your ears if you dont like it. Just sayin….

  25. why is it they only apply the "2 witness rule" to abusing children but not to smoking adultery or any other disfellowshipping offense??

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