Mossad kills Palestinian engineer in Malaysia

A Hamas-affiliated Palestinian engineer from the Gaza Strip was shot dead on Saturday near the Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpur in an assassination blamed on the Mossad. Malaysian police confirmed these report and claim that an investigation is still underway. Al-Batash was assassinated when two unidentified individuals fired more than ten bullets at him. its a certainty that Israel are able to use Hamas as a justification for failing to negotiate with the Palestinian Authority. On a number of occasions, when peace talks have been instigated by Egypt and the United states, no progress has been made, due to Israel not wanting to give an inch to Hamas, who the Israeli’s claim, are a terrorist organisation.

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  1. I am concerned that Brendon is OK. I hope he can dispel the worry by posting a vid. Of course, this is an ongoing worry and the best thing would be for the West Australian police and judiciary to drop all their outstanding warrants and let him come home. He wont be safe here either but at least he'll know the place.

  2. If there was no Israel (hmm… if some world power cough*Russia*cough were to counter them directly militarily) think of how peaceful the Middle East would be, how peaceful the world would be for that matter. The goons in the IDF are slaughtering children execution style (head shots to unarmed 15 yo kids) in Gaza. The US government is so bought and paid for by aipac that it is essentially a proxy government run directly by Israel.

  3. WTF? I had set the bell for notifications from this channel when there were only two options (Yes / No), and now there are three options: "All / Occasional / None." Youtube has, of course, set it to "Occasional," so I haven't received any notifications in ages!!!

  4. Can you imagine if Hamas killed an Israeli "Scientist"?

    We would never hear the end of it!

    Fuck Israel!

  5. Israel is currently the scapegoat figurehead and I agree that the Mossad and Israel are absolutely terrorist organizations but the actual shot callers are an international organized crime syndicate that is lead by those families that own the banks, militaries and the Vatican. My point is that this group of people isn’t just Israeli but they own all western governments and most eastern governments and all the militaries and intelligence organizations that operate under those countries flags. It’s not any single country or intelligence agency but a group of people, mostly specific families that have been ruling the world for a long time, and most people of any countries general populations are just caught up in the mix like we are. I would definitely agree that many of the criminals are Jews but I highly suspect that the very top of the international crime syndicate goes back to lineage from families Roman emperors and those people stay out of sight and out of mind for the most part. We’ve got to follow the trail further down the line because we seem to have hit a dead end on the Jews and Israel and nothing has changed except for the fact that we are being more blatantly mocked than ever by the mainstream media…. what needs to happen to make changes? People need to rise up but it seems they are too complacent and scared. I can’t even have a conversation about it in many cases

  6. be great if you had a discord account, good for communicating… not sure if channel gets shoad i will come back here, ,my discord is in title on my last video.
    blessings 2 all beings~

  7. When are we going to hear about mossad getting the shit blown out of them by US Rangers for doing 911…and murdering us military army kids in wars for Israeli assholes

  8. I'm still in shock at how much Trump was given and how blatantly YouTube and Google are. Surely this draconian behaviour is not sustainable or can be successful? The bolder of truth is unstoppable now, surely?

  9. All terrorist groups are created and funded by the Jewish Supremacist ZioMobsters and their Shabbos Goy Buttlickers, both to discredit genuine freedom-fighters and to serve as proxies in wars and in terror psyops. It is as simple as that. The New World Order is the Jew World Order. The bottom line to all this is the Goyim have been Jewed and continue to take it up the backside, yet never knowing where it is coming from.

  10. I was in a facebook group called " central coast discussion and venting group". It is a place where individuals are targeted for gangstalking. When I suggest the targeter should just fight the guy instead of doxxing him to hundreds of crazy comenters who were frothing for the targets blood. ( his address was posted), one woman said to me, " do you want to go viral cunt" then my screen flashed "viral" and the computer died. However, since I had Linux on my other, I never had trouble with it. So possibly its not intel hardware? Still could be. Its highly unlikely that they wouldn't use their manufacturing monopoly for evil. Any thoughts?

  11. You should get virtual Shield new type of Technology. I would be an investment you got 14000 subscribers. You think the massage would get around killing the chocolate Hitler ex president of Zimbabwe. But no the Jews keep on financing the black Marxist communism South African. Nobody talks about the Zionist mark communist zinus never do anything wrong. How many Jewish children were saved by Catholic Germans who left Germany for United States. Canada Australia England. Perhaps you want to do the story about the 25000 children boys and girls women who are killed by the Jewish Mafia. Are there body parts are taken out. Sold to the black market. Profiting off snuffing out Arab children. Financing the white helmets. I hope those 136 nuclear weapons.. Are underground surrounding Israel. Is on Israel real estate when they go off is that mean Israel gets to fall into the ocean. But yet the Mossad can't go around and kill his black terrorist cells in South Africa..

  12. We all know that they know they are being exposed so they are trying to cover up their acts.
    Anyway, came across this yesterday and it is very interesting abt how these criminals came abt and how long they have been working on this agenda. It’s quite long but I find it very interesting and makes a lot of sense in relation to the bible etc

  13. This is when we know that we're very close to the jew world order, jews are already allowed to follow the jewish law of being able to kill gentiles without any repercussion whatsoever. The Mossad has been allowed to commit countless assassination on innocent for decades now, Israel has been allowed and is still allowed to kill innocent Palestinians on masse , even children at that without anyone lifting a finger towards them. This is only a glimpse on what awaits us all, no matter where we are in the world in the upcoming jew world order if we don't stop it right now.

    Thanks for the video, keep spreading the word brothers.

  14. It wpuld have been hacked brother. Just wondering if we could meet up im in melbourne and would love to meet u and have a chat about this in person im a big fan of your work.

  15. isisrahell spent 20 years creating hamas, then spent the next 20 years trying to obliterate it from existence….judaism has a hand behind *every single piece of bullshit humanity has has to endure for centuries*….f'kn maggots….& o'colon has his head very far up his ass on this one & its in his f'kn hood ffs (but can whine about others not towing his movie script narrative)….gobbling-gosling, main actor

  16. Rothschild, financing war, at last we are not having to buy govt war bonds to underwrite rothschild loans to govt for military weapons to protect our country. I wonder what would happen if a …… was killed?

  17. If it's really true, then Hamas should train its elite to become assassin too. Scientists to Scientists. Pay back time.

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