NASA Climate Research Program Ended By Trump Admin

The Trump administration is quietly shuttering some studies examining the effects of climate change. For years, NASA’s Carbon Monitoring System, has been collating all kinds of data about the planet’s carbon dioxide flows. But Science reports the Trump administration has shuttered the program.
Just about every organization agree that climate change is an imminent threat. Organizations include Trump’s own companies and the US military. Given the importance of NASA to the scientific community in general, postulates that this puts the entire scientific communities’ abilities to study and understand climate change in serious jeopardy.

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  1. We have a power intoxicated monster in the White House. No one knows what to do. Procedure is being followed, the law is being applied, but if Trump has his way, and with Republican help, this will be a Fascist country.

  2. He only cares about money, not future generations. Hopefully we have a new president in 2020 that will repeal all of his foolish overly simplistic decisions.

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