New Mandela Effects – High Strangeness – January 2018

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  1. I remember "Hold On". I'm not a very religious person n I remember screaming that song at times in my life and it was always "hold on". I liked it because I felt it was for everyone not just the religious people in the world.

  2. I vividly remember Dr. No saying "The distance between insanity and genius is measured only by success", as do a few of my friends. But it was Elliot Carver from Tomorrow Never Dies. Weird thing was that I watched both films for the first time within a couple weeks of each other and remember thinking that Elliot stole/was paying homage to Dr. No by saying that line.

  3. I remember chickens gliding? But not straight flying like they were, and I too remember it being "hold on" not "oh Lord" weirddd

  4. Those chickens are raised by a man in the tongren prefecture in China. The description in another video on a day with no fog show that there is a hill they’re kinda of jumping off of and gliding down. He blows a whistle and they just lose their shit. But you have to think a wild/less domesticated chicken will be much lighter then one pumped up on growth hormones.

  5. as far as the chickens go, they do clip wings when their born so they dont fly away. ive never seen one fly like in the footage, but i guess they can!
    as for the hairless racoons, if theyre native to a specific area it could just be a genetic mutation that was passed down to generations.

    oh and rod “serling” is definately sterling as i remember it. i watched a lot of twilight zone and even did a unit on it in english (3 years ago)

  6. Phil Collins..It says "Hold on" But sounds like "oh lord" cause the way he pronounces I noticed that too n was like.. That verse sounded like oh lord cause recording didnt pick up the H on hold so sounds like Oh n not hold.

  7. Ok exactly was fixin to say chickens can fly up into trees to roost but not fly..we owned chickens on my teens and they can not fly fly not far glide down from a height but not true flight..the feeding tube was there. He said that line for sure. Snakes can glide down..they can flatten. Yep liver not super seperated but it is kinda seperated. Went to school for MA. Never seen batteryman and I lived on TV. Me too don't remember Picards crystal..his flute yeah. I remember hold on not oh lord. Never heard oh lord. Guess we were wrong.

  8. And I went to help your buddy out but that page has no content if it had something to follow I'd do it but there is nothing there.

  9. Those chickens are gliding for sure. I had a neighbor that owned some once, they can glide pretty far, and that's why on farms their wings are often clipped.

  10. I really liked this video, I find the Mandela affect very interesting =) If I could advice something, don't hesitate so much, you say "I could be wrong" "I might remember it wrong" etc. Of course you might, that is kinda the think with this topic. It is fine to say it but not so many times. If you feel the need for a disclaimer, put it in text in the opening "Disclaimer! I could be wrong about all of this!".

  11. No to hairless raccoons…my mom has always had them in her backyard, never saw a hairless one.
    Always been oh lord for me but it's also awaits been Sterling not Serling for me, too.
    As for your friend, it's wrong what YouTube is doing. But 1000 subs isn't going to help him if he doesn't have ALL those people watching EVERY video and he has to put out at least 3 vides a week. You need 1000 subs AND 4000 HOURS of viewed video time to stay with the YouTube partner program. I wish him the best of luck. They SHOULD have grandfathered accounts in.

  12. Interesting this posted after I just experience something. One of my favorite fighters is Daniel Cormier. I look him up and he always Aries. Even talked about it with friends. Then someone in comments say he Pisces that's why he cries so much. I'm like what??? I look him up and he is a fucking Pisces now wtf. I'm so confused. He's still a Sag moon tho. Anyway after that it is making me consider Mandela effect. Then I see your video what timing.

  13. This might be a theory already, but I've got an idea. An unlikely idea, but ey.
    What if our brains are evolving, and we are now finally able to notice changes that have always been going on, but we were never able to understand that it was happening? I dunno if this makes sense, but it's an idea haha

  14. I think the makers of these logos tweaked some of the logos or names because it sounds better or looks better in the idea of the company. If I had a company in the 90s called "spyderwrap" and today ive redesigned my product under all the same advertising but I decide I like "spiderwrap" better..of course people would freak out. Thats all this is

  15. Nothing is Impossible through and with Jesus Christ, Many things are impossible if You do NOT have a close tight relationship with God Through Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

  16. One of my favorite songs…. I always sung "Oh Lord" to it. 🙏 💕

    Oh, and chickens can fly, but not long distances. Never seen them fly like that…😏

  17. Recent anatomy change thats freakin me out is the thumb location.Check it out. Its way to low and this is REALLY scaring me. I'm also just now finding out about about the Hairless raccoon and flying snake. Also, just fyi, the lower brain is now much bigger than it ever was. This brain change may explain the erratic behavior of humans– they never use to be this crazy– just look at all the protests/looting and refusal to accept a logical argument that is fact-based. Anyways, take a look at my mandela effect channel– it focuses more on the mandela effect community more than actual ME examples.

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