North Korea issues threat amid summit jitters

A North Korea official also slammed Vice President Mike Pence and said North Korea is prepared for a “nuclear showdown” if talks with the U.S. fail.

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  1. That's what you get you idiot orangutan. Boltons stupid stash is not cool but too bad donnie has the mind of a 10 year old.

  2. The NWO owns all these TV Programing stations they all report verbatim news literally.. ✌ Sheeple, wake up

  3. Trump did the right thing. The only way that I see North Korea voluntarily ending their nuclear program is if we say, "we'll give you South Korea". That should never happen.

  4. This is all a show by Kim-Jong Jackass. If it wasn't, they wouldn't have called our VP a "dummy". That's not the language of a person that wants peace.

  5. this is classic N. Korea…trying to shake us up and get us desperate so that they go into the meeting with all the leverage…they want us to want the deal more than they do. They are not coming from a place of sincerity.

    Trump made the right call. Watch….a meeting will happen at some point in the near future.

  6. Got that right , RT (the Russian media) organized this NK photo op. … that site was nothing but an expired , failed , and contaminated waste ground being portrayed as a strategic NK uranium enrichment facility … that's why there were NO international nuclear inspectors allowed , just some paid off fake news media hacks …

  7. how can they have a nuclear showdown if they got rid of their shit LMAO, just to even say that means their loaded and have massive underground bases. kim is a idiot…hes full of complete shit and Trump knows it.


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  9. Trumputin is a phony loud mouthed bully ignorant coward who hides behind his money! If he didn't have millions then hed br booted out, no he wouldn't be in the WH. Kim Jong un is busy showing him up and the world is taking notice.

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  12. Kim 'lil Dong is messing up his Co-NOBEL chances. President Trump is going to win it all by himself.

  13. Obliterated will the Threats be hidden threats staged threats false flags all players will be obliterated in one hour a energy ball will go give off a decimator wave that will instantly cast these threats into the lake of fire the the threats will remain burning in the lake until this is over

  14. A second energy ball will go off in Syria obliterating those who are a barrier to the end of the war in Syria this energy blast will reach the partaking nations and decimate Isil and all proxy fighters

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