NW-NLP 2018: Compositional Language Modeling for Icon-Based Augmentative & Alternative Communication

The fifth Pacific Northwest Regional Natural Language Processing Workshop will be held on Friday, April 27, 2018, in Redmond, WA. We accepted abstracts and papers on all aspects of natural language text and speech processing, computational linguistics, and human language technologies.

As with past four workshops, the goal of this one-day NW-NLP event is to provide a less-formal setting in the Pacific Northwest to present research ideas, make new acquaintances, and learn about the breadth of exciting work currently being pursued in North-West area.

Short Talks

Title: Compositional Language Modeling for Icon-Based Augmentative and Alternative Communication
Speakers: Shiran Dudy and Steven Bedrick

Title: Keep your bearings: Lightly-supervised Information Extraction with Ladder Networks that avoids Semantic Drift
Speakers: Ajay Nagesh and Mihai Surdeanu.

Title: Infrequent Discourse Relation Identification Using Data Programming
Speakers: Xing Zeng, Giuseppe Carenini, Raymond Ng and Hyeju Jang

Title: Community Member Retrieval on Social Media using Textual Information
Speakers: Aaron Jaech, Shobhit Hathi, and Mari Ostendorf

Title: Semantic similarity of conversational speech between children with and without ASD
Speakers: Joel Adams and Alexandra Salem.

For more information, schedule, abstracts, etc, please visit the website:

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  1. 1:18 What if you keep it simple, present a format for them to code the icons (1's 0's) they train the person standing with icons they messages they create. ( They have a perspective, ability, to offer that is being blocked out by teaching icons. (Also un learning the the icons to relearn to learn to code could also be used, descript/decode to make some productive put together) TGB the way i mean it

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