“OBESITY IS BEAUTIFUL!!!” | Fat Pride and Fat Acceptance

Sadiq Khan’s decision to ban body shaming ads in London has renewed the debate concerning the fat acceptance, fat pride, and body positivity movements, so I thought I’d share my two cents on the issue!




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Written by lena

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  1. So when a boy is a plumb, he is considered fat and ugly
    But when a girl is plumb she is still considered curvy and beautiful by many
    which means girls can gain more weight until they are considered unattractive
    but men don't give a fuck about that and don't make idiotic movements like this to try to change that, we try to change ourselves,
    and by that I'm not saying only men are doing trying to change themselves, a lot of women do it too, what I am trying to say is that this "obesity is beautiful" bullshit is completely pointless and idiotic/selfish.

  2. I think a problem is equaling skinny with healthy because healthy is somewhere in the middle. A sick person can be/ or often is skinny because the body loses weight when it's weak. The problematic body type is not the girl on the billboard but for example a really skinny runway model. In the past years, the public eye mostly stopped perceiving them as beautiful/ ideal body type because they realized that trading three well-balanced meals a day for an apple and being skinny is as unhealthy as eating five times fast-food a day. So I'm all in for not shaming people for their body-type while simultaneously educating them on being healthy.

  3. see I'm 13 years old and about 40 lbs overweight and so I've put myself on a strict diet and exercise plan and so far, so good

  4. I am 200 pounds and I hate what I see when I look in the mirror. Not because I think I'm ugly but because of the damage that I know that I have done to my body and also my lack of stamina and self-control when it comes to food. I want to be able to physically keep up with my peers when they want to do physical activity and I just can't. and to encourage people that they can be twice my size and be happy and fulfilled in their life is just absolutely ridiculous. I don't think people should be bullied or ridiculed for being fat but they definitely should not be encouraged to be fat. I can't imagine what being 300 pounds is like that is something that nobody should encourage to be

  5. One moment the Feminists screech:

    "The mainstream media (white supremacist patriarchy) is constantly exploiting & objectifying women's bodies! This must end!'

    The next moment the same Feminists whine:

    "We wanna see fat bodies, queer bodies, bodies of colour (apparently all female bodies wearing skimpy bathing suits) & everything in between up front & centre in mainstream media"

    – SJW cognitive dissonance par excellence. The extent of Feminazi Orwellian doublethink is stunning.

  6. But I think it depends of how much fat you're, I belive people like Tess Holyday could have much more heath problems than just a woman with a normal weight, which coud be considered fat by some people. Or just like me, yeah I need to lose some weight but I can do whatever I want with my body, I mean I can run I can walk I can do everything I want, yeah I can't run a marathon but lotst of thin people can't xD.
    Well I just wanted to say, I love diversity and nobody should be shamed for their bodies, others can like them or not I'm okay with that, but there are extreme cases, on both sides, too fat too skinny, none are healthy.
    Having some belly or some fat doesn't make you obese or fat, it makes you a normal human being like the rest of the world. Is more about acceptance, people has no perfect bodies, we're all different, and that's nice.

  7. The statement "Feminist spearheaded the move" is ignorant!!! The problem with so many of your comments are that you put feminist in one category but in reality all women are individuals and all men are individuals. A FEMINIST IS SOMEONE THAT BELIEVES IN EQUALITY OF THE SEXES!!!! PERIOD!!! If you want to do something productive, instead of sitting here judging a group of people you clearly don't understand, why don't you find a dictionary and look up the definition of feminism and make a video clarifying what a feminist actually is and separating a feminist for the male bashing, bra burning, stay at home mom hating women who claim to be feminist!! Because quality includes a women's right to choose her destiny. Just because you call s group of women feminist doesn't make them feminist and just because they call themselves feminist also doesn't make them feminist!!! We're all adults we all know how to read, find a dictionary and look up the work

  8. It's interesting that the fat pride thing seems to only apply to fat women. Those same women seem to have no problem with expecting men to be tall and fit. There's a video on here where a guy asks a bunch of women questions about fat acceptance and then asked them what they look for in a man.

  9. If you've got it, flaunt it. If you don't,don't blame me when you're at the beach and Greenpeace tries to push you back in the water.

  10. People have the right to be unhealthy and die at any age. Do you really want their last years of life to be filled with the emotional trauma of fat shaming?

  11. Everything differs in magnitude, not in kind.
    The ONLY logical reason for censoring anything is HOW MUCH.
    TOO MUCH of pushing ANY idea or ANY image NECESSARILY censors OTHER ideas, including unrelated ideas.
    So, NOBODY should ban images of thin women or fat women or thin men or fat men.
    NOBODY should outlaw bomb threats or death threats or torture threats or arson threats.
    Sorry if this offends anybody.

  12. I support the free speech of those who say that there is no negative health effects from obesity or that there exists no obesity "epidemic" as well as the free speech of those who say the opposite.
    As long as we have Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) deniers who have said PROVABLY FALSE ideas QUADRILLIONS of times over, then we DAMN well better support the free speech right of those who say there exists NO such thing as terrorism, islamic or otherwise, or NO such thing as 9/11 happening, or NO deaths from communism or communists.

  13. You show a picture of Henry VIII as being an example of a bit of extra weight being ok (he was fucking massive) when today the merest hint of a belly on some celebrity and the fashion media is gossiping like crazy. Really? Please do more research for your opinions than a casual glance through memes and opinions on social media.

    Being enormous isn't healthy, but neither is dieting all the time to fit someone else's ideal.

  14. But…fat was seen as beauty back in the day. Ex. Venus fertility statue, and the wealthy elite in Europe. You barely covered that. But I think fat shaming is pointless. Health shaming works MUCH better.

  15. look. i'm fat a'ight. not like super super fat, but pretty fat. fat enough lol

    should not be fat. it's not great. would be very sad to see kids think it's just fine to not give a shit. my own fault, don't coddle me. i mean u get in my face about it i'll prolly just tell u ur dumb but still, it's not something to just accept and normalize.

    should be thinking about internal beauty > physical, but dont act like physical looks arent relative to your health and nice lookingness.

  16. I. myself, have a Jabba the Hut, body type. There is nothing beautiful, or healthy about it. I'm trying to lose weight, but it's a long road. I'm making the effort because there is nothing beautiful about obesity; and I'd like to live a bit longer.

  17. On some of your other videos you actually sound like you know what you are talking about but on this issue you have made a big mistake. No one has the right to body shame someone else because it is basically bullying.The media has a lot to answer for when trying to sell dietary/beauty products to women, banning these body shaming images is a fantastic step forward to help protect our kids that are growing up and being forced to see these pictures of the "ideal" body because lets get real if we could all afford to have the ideal body then we would have it! Secondly being obese is different to being slightly overweight and you say people don't see being overweight as beautiful but there are lots of people that find curvy women more attractive than skinnier women but you don't tend to see this in advertisements and its a valid question to ask "why the hell not!?" Third and lastly, there are a lot of mental health issues that go hand in hand with obesity and being overweight and with being too skinny and not eating. It is not as simple as choosing to be fat or being slim anymore. Your historical references in the video are just out dated. We live in a time where it is cheaper to buy junk food than it is to buy organic vegetables. So it can be argued that to be slim and "beautiful" is to have wealth. Please come up with better arguments to this issue. I feel like you just disagree with stuff to get views now and that's just annoying.

  18. All this fat pride stuff makes me feel horrible.
    I am an underweight 13 year old girl and I feel terrible about my appearance because of people going on about fat pride 🙁


  20. IF a group of obese or fat people are pretending they are sexy on the dance floor (which is rare too see), have you ever noticed how healthy people are not even within 50 feet of them in that space! Exactly; no one feels comfortable around unhealthy people!

  21. Well the problem is that when fat people show up, everybody stares or even laughts at them. That makes these fat people uncomfortable. ( And even if no one is staring at them, it will still have the same effect) They will start to avoid sozial interaction and back down and just eat.they will loose friend helping them to see a diet through the finish. They wont show up on certain places like puplic swimming pools or gyms etc. wich will prevent them to make sport and loose wait. And eating is (like) an adiction and to get rid of eating too much is like dealing with a drinking problem. And they try to change this whole situation by changing beauty-standarts.

    Dont get me wrong, of course obesity is dangerous and its not beautifull. i just hope that we will change the way we look at fat people.

  22. Okay, obese and overweight girls are not being oppressed. They have stores dedicated to them, they have extra extra large just for them, even that close side is not supposed to exist, it's not our fault you got to where you are right now. So stop saying where pressing you.

  23. Obesity isn't beautiful. It's unhealthy, and it cost medical care nhs, billions a year. Fat people are lazy, who are self-pitying overeating, blame it on everyone else, burdens to society. Like junkies, obese people are scum

  24. I believe the major reason why it's hard for fat people to lose weight is eating disorder. Thus losing weight can actually be an issue for them and not just "laziness". For this reason I think we should treat fat people by understanding way. Not accepting that obesity is good for them, but understanding the struggle they live with and encourage them looking for help (for possible mental disorder).

  25. I don't think obesity is okay or a good thing, because it's not. But…… she makes the point that attractiveness is soley based on biological factors, but that is an extremely ignorant statement. Yes there is some undeniable evidence to show that some of what we as a species find attractive is biological and related to evolution, but there is also overwhelming amounts of evidence to show that the influence of media, culture and our social circles also plays a major role in what we consider 'attractive'. For example I am a healthy weight for my height, but do I have a flat stomach, thigh gap, defined jaw line? No. So bodies are all different and saying 'there is a reason we find these thin celebrities attractive, its because they are healthy' is a stupid statement because most people in their healthiest states don't look like celebrities, whom have access to personal trainers, dieticians and plastic surgery. And ideal body types change throughout time and differ depending on the culture.

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