Ocean Mysteriously Vanishes-Artic Sea is Shifting South-Rising Seas Threaten U.S. Coastline

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Written by lena

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  1. Centrifugal force. . spinning earth. .higher water in the middle. Slowing of earths spinning. . water from the center redistributed toward polar ends. . lower water levels in areas nearer equator. . no mystery here.

  2. at what degree has the earth tilted since 2015 just interested and do you pick your ads in between the videos?

  3. Nice vid, Too bad you had to have the commercial from the anti Trump camp. There is nothing we or anyone can do about what is going on in our world. It has all happened before many times, Things like carbon foot prints were not even issues when they occurred before. Why does anyone thing they can make even a slight difference now. We are simply on a cycling rock in the middle of the universe that is subject to someone else's rules. End of story and no argument is even possible.

  4. This is really not good news at all just an average temp of 1% higher would be catastrophic for the entire ice shelf on both poles

  5. We are removing the creator from our lives, family, nations of the world, such mysterious calamity are inevitably resulted, therefore, let us return to our creator there we will find peace.

  6. I HAVE A MORE LOGICAL ANSWER, Aliens have been taking our resource's! Same as they did to Mars.
    My answer is more practical than an hour theory!

  7. Building construction requires sand, and guess where much of this sand is taken from, the depths of our seas and oceans. what is taken out is replaced by water.

  8. Seven of the solar system planets are on the same side of the sun as earth tonight, by 18th July even pluto and other minor planets too, not aligned but could be the cause of things happening such as massive electrical storms.

  9. During the hour of Nibiru all other oceans will be emptied – which means it's going somewhere else

  10. I went swimming in the ocean last week. The water was cold, but the sand under my feet was WARM. I live in North of Portugal. Take that home to the bank.

  11. the water on the northern california coast did the same thing in june 1st week. And we walked way out to sea and saw the front of Camel rock which has crystal caves in it that go to far down its scary cause the tide is right there and could wash in at any second but we were a mile out on the muddy sand bottom there were squid and starfish coral reefs and all kinds of stuff the government recently made me upgrade phones and took all my pics but i haven't mailed back the phone yet. want a look? contact me. click the pic.

  12. Real fact is that the earth is actually shifting into another ice age. And that's the truth. The ocean temperatures are constant. The "ring of fire" is more active in the last few years but nobody is saying anything about that. Keep the truth away from the people and keep them ignorant. 👎

  13. Unfortunately, man is a great contributor to this. The world's oceans have been used as a sewage and garbage dump for decades and now all of a sudden we are surprised? GOVERNMENTS and Big Corporations are responsible for this.


  15. Nice presentation to be sure. However, no mention (other than we should be concerned) on how to fix it! I suggest we ask President Trump to negotiate with Mother Nature and God to put an end to it. Something tells me the geoengineering we're doing now is causing more harm than good. I harken back to the cold war when the Soviet Union was threatening to nuke us into oblivion. I was instructed to get under my desk put my head way down between my legs and kiss my ass goodbye!

  16. Please look at the science that speaks to a Grand Solar Minimum. John Casey and his book, "Cold Sun" . There is so much information that is not being funded by the military complex… Dig children because being buried in ignorance is a very sad end indeed..

  17. the added weight of glacial melt-water has pushed the sea floor down resulting in shorelines receding

  18. Scientist cant tell you because it goes against the paradigm that you have been fed for thousands of years ! Planets were not created by a being in the Sky – They dont abide by the rules of man ! Planets expand , and are not stable as you have been led to believe . Solar systems change as well – Earth was part of a linear solar system not long ago – And will continue to change regardless of what we do . The best we can do is understand this and prepare for the changes . Peace .

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