“Our Dreams Are Coming True”: Peace Activists Celebrate as Korean Leaders Vow to Officially End War

– History has been made on the Korean peninsula today, as South Korean President Moon Jae-In and North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un shook hands at the Demilitarized Zone between the two countries and pledged to work to denuclearize the peninsula and to declare the official end to the Korean War. Today’s historic summit marks the first time a North Korean leader has ever set foot inside South Korea. During the meeting, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un said “I came here to put an end to the history of confrontation.” The North and South Korean leaders pledged to pursue talks with the United States aimed at negotiating a formal peace treaty to replace the uneasy 1953 armistice. For more we speak with Ann Wright, retired U.S. Army Colonel and former State Department diplomat. She is a member of Women Cross DMZ, a group of international peacemakers who have been calling for an end to the Korean War.

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  2. “Imagine there’s no countries, it isn’t hard to do. Nothing to kill or die for And no religion too” “Imagine all the people living life in peace.”
    – John Lennon

  3. I give Trump credit and the Congress that does nothing, credit for this re-unification.
    Nothing is the abstinence of something. Eating is the abstinence of fasting.
    "Determinatio est Negatio', said the 18th century Dutch philosopher, Baruch de Spinoza.
    "Fear cannot be without hope and hope without fear". The erratic and chaotic American administration fulfills the role of a catalyst striking fear in all humanity compels humanity toward the creation of a world without war.
    Trump and the right wing Congress as the world watches its barbaric missions in Iraq and Afghanistan under the pretext of a war on terror, really a reign of terror, for the suppression of radicalism threatening the monarchies of the region pushes a slow to move mass of people into making accomplishments.
    What it should tell the American people that US foreign policy of 'regime change', brings about the exact opposite of what it intends to suppress. But since the American people do not know how to change this by their intervention electing a smiling and rationally minded fascist into office is suicidal. All of the groups on the left are fascists, and are not left at all. Only the Marxists are genuine and have been consistently.
    If I had voted for Hillary that would have been like voting for McGovern against Nixon.
    I do not believe McGovern would have ended the war as the New Left scholars believed. He would have been co-opted by the right wing and covertly more anti-communist. Seeing is believing, watching a detestable animal in office represent you worldwide is far better of a lever for social change. This is why I voted for Trump. Trump, Bannon, Miller, make you want to punch them in the face and knock their lights out. McGovern, JFK, Obama , FDR, make you want more of them while 'behind your back' commit to policies of conquest causing the world to suffer miserably.
    These people are the worst of humanity. People don't respond to intellectuals. They respond to character. Usually in America the rational, beautiful, pretty or intelligent perpetuate the relations of exploitation of the system. Thus, the fascist are not Trump and the right wing, the fascists are the intelligentsia, the Obama's, Clinton's, Cuomo's, the Brown's, these are the popes who play and manipulate both sides for themselves. For instance, Steven Miller is not a fascist. He is a Jew and happens to be a very stupid Jew of poor character. Steve Bannon, a man so ugly he'd be assassinated. Scot Pruit, a sycophant, will end up in jail. Poor Cosby, a victim of lesbian fascism, they did to him the same thing done to Fatty Arbuckle. Fatty was lucky the lesbians railing against him for the death of a studio whore, were not a strong enough of a movement to persuade the jury. Cosby was not so fortunate. Not that Cosby is clean because he is not. Black capitalism in America is thoroughly corrupt and anti-communist ideologically. But if you keep putting an Obama, or an Oprah, in office, US foreign policy will always remain a policy of war and conquest.
    So — Trump deserves credit for not trying to reconcile the contradictions of capitalism the way liberals and conservative do. Capitalism left to its own devices is its own enemy, barrier and gravedigger.
    Humanity through the ages unites through a common enemy. They fear for their skins and clamor to come up with a defense. When conditions get bad enough the Americans respond, they never install a red light where it should go based on science, only when someone is run over and killed does the light get installed.
    The movie: Independence Day illustrates Spinoza's philosophy perfectly.
    The aliens being America's right wing and the drunken pilot episodically drives the knife right into the heart of the mother ship. IF what I say were not grounded in historical reality, the enormous success of a 'B' movie would never have taken the critics and producers by surprise and Korea would still be divided. Now – Trump has to bomb not 24 million people but 75 million people.
    Bravo Kim and Moon, they earned a place in history in, finally, doing what would have been done by JFK had he not been assassinated by a demented left-right wing Oswald.

  4. kim is an evil dictator and murderer. Do not believe this crap. He should be tortured to death for doing the same to Otto.

  5. Where's your video on the murder of Otto Warmbier? I thought you were about human rights? Stupid bitch. You and Democracy now both suck and are an embarrassment to our great country that Trump has helped rebuild after that scumbag muslim ran it into the ground.

  6. Great, Please keep President Trump out of your business. Give him credit for bringing you together, ( no doubt ) but please keep him out of your affairs. Why are you meeting with him now?

  7. Kim must have got a promise that he would not face charges for Human rights violations . like starvation torture murder , Like Kim will allow elections , South Korea just said we leave you alone to starve torture murder , just do not attack us in the south .Kim Knows he will go the way of SADAM HUSSAN a rope and a fast drop

  8. America might have just lost TRUMP card number 1
    TRUMP card number 2…Japan they want America out of the region.
    No divide No conquer
    But time will tell

  9. Kim could not win and election . he looks like a troll . the south Korean leader looks like an ASIAN movie star .

  10. Both Democracy Now and Ann Wright are delusional. I wholly applaud both Korean leaders. But to believe that the U.S. or the U.S. military will not screw this historic break from INSANITY. Is to ignore and be ignorant of the base motives of the U.S. government. Not the American people, but the U.S. government. Be suspicious of any moves made by the U.S. government and the western European national governments. Historically for centuries to over a thousand years. European and European colonial conquered lands have been in lock step to grab and forment wars and unrest. To believe that the tiny minority who control and want gobal control. Will let their ambitions to be derailed is outrageously stupid. Make no mistake. These CRIMINALS in western governments are not done. And their overlords in control of finances, respurces, buisiness, military, and key civilians sectors. Will continue THEIR rapacious march to force their will and there by steal the WILL of the populations. Of all people not fallen to their PIPING(piping, in reference to the pide piper) These fundamentalist and murderous villians, with the venir of legitimacy. Will inflict their will, COME HELL OR HIGH WATER. So long as the world's human population keeps playing by their artificial rules and the dogma of philosophical and religious tropes. Then the only real home, country, and nation that is EARTH. Will suffer and be made inhospitable to all LIFE. And in the case of us humans we will suffer as well. But unlike all other life on our home, called Earth. It will be the faulty and guility compliance of human making. We must stop adhearing to the twisted and faulty logic of the theatre managers. Stop looking to others to fix things. Stop thinking that peaceful resistance is some sanctified hope. For it is not what the criminal minority believe. For it is the tool they use to bleed away our will, lives, health, and choices. For example if we were to take the issue of lead pipes in the country into our own hands. To dig. Them out and replace them with industrial ceramics. How would the CRIMINALS, react? Would they stand for it. Oh look the people are fixing the problem we made. Or would it be more like. You need government approvals. You need approvals for the plans, and you also need to follow regulations after regulations. And when you do all of that and have wasted years on nonsense and have been FRUSTRATED stalled and more than likely penalized. It will not have been done. Even if no money came from the government to fix it. Would it be more likely that it would be shut down even without governmental funding. Nevermind that if the people went ahead, regardless of the government. How many would be jailed, smeared, beaten, threatened, or murdered? For trying to serve and protect their communities. We would be demonized and called unpatriotic or terrorist. So I ask again how is playing by the rules of the rule makers a win? Yes if yes if we were to do as I proposed by the example of lead pipes and had armed community to back the common solutions of lead in our water and soil. We would have violence! Perpetrated by the government onto the PUBLIC trying to in common self interests of looking out for the community. But dead is dead. Whether it is slow, stressful, and prolonged DEATH. Or an immediate death at the hands of the CRIMINALS who believe they have the right to poison and reep rewards from it. Who will we stand by? Our community and loved ones. Or the CRIMINALS who benefit from the engineered misfortunes of the community? I for one believe in my fellow Americans and not the CRIMINAL FEW! Please watch my YouTube video, DNC Lies And Crime. I have placed solutions for climate change, renewable energy, new building materials, jobs, vocations, buisiness, fuels, and applications for intelligent land use. It also touches on my intentions to run for Governor of Pennsylvania. Though I did not start out doing the video for that purpose. If for no other reason than simple and cost effective, real, and real immediate solutions to fight climate change and cheap renewable engery. Plase watch the video. It WILL change our immediate lives. Not in decades but in the immediate foreseeable FUTURE.

  11. I don't buy this. I think this is showing that bombs are not an effective tool to create manufactured consent anymore. There are better ways to make people predictable (and thus investable upon). The better the predictive technology, the easier to maintain "peace".

  12. Even though I live on the other side of the world, this kind of news are very important to me, personally.
    One of the best GOOD NEWS of the last 20 years.
    The hole world should follow this historical moment and the same steps to do the same and have economical treatments for the better and prosperity of all human kind.
    We are just 1 WORLD and for the better of us all…DIVIDED WE ARE WEAK AND DIE, UNITED WE STAND STRONGER AND LIVE.

  13. This meeting and the resulting statement of principles is indeed "historic", but the rosy picture being painted in this interview seems almost painfully naive. Granted, the guest did at least allude to the fact that agreeing on principles and putting those principles into action are two very different things, but more importantly — and what was not mentioned at all here — is that several of the items in that aspirational list of steps toward peace depend on the U.S. being willing to reduce its influence/interference in the region (or, at the very least, on the U.S. being able to play a very subtle and intelligent game in trying to maintain its influence in a way that doesn't derail the process between the other two parties). What do you suppose the chances of that happening are? Face it, folks: there is still plenty of room for this peace effort to fall apart simply due to the intransigence/meddling of the U.S. (Trump and/or the U.S. Congress).

  14. I disagree. The fact that KJU didn't fire off a host of nuclear weapons at us is a stroke of luck. Peace initiatives began despite what D.Trump said and did. But Donald feels he is in a position to claim a link twixt his pompous t;hreats of genocide at the UN with those initiatives in Korea.

  15. Glorious news but, with the US Gov't running scared, paranoid and seriously fractured along internal political lines, I'm still not convinced Trump and his jangling band of Pentagon marching Generals won't pull something out of of their butts, finance a major media hatred campaign into Americans… and ruin everything.

  16. It wasn't Trump, it was NK's nuclear program that made these peace talks possible.

    Honestly, Iran should do the same in order to prevent the impending US-Israeli-Saudi attack!

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