overpopulation, immigration and communist propaganda

from culture wars to the destruction of family values, many things are leading to the declining rates of European reproduction. We touch on many controversial topics in this video, be sure to like and share!

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Written by lena

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  1. In November 2017, the British press were telling us that birth rates in the UK had fallen to the lowest rate for a decade.
    I'd say it most definitely has in the white population, although immigrants don't seem to be having fewer kids – and this is backed up by the fact that some councils have claimed they need to urgently build 5 bed social housing properties, for immigrants who continue to breed like bunnies.

  2. Answer: 1 belt 1 road, Highspeed Rails, our own Silk Road, N América thru S América, employ all our peoples with significant work. Free of maritime law & asian slave labor.. Ethical, sound, honest work will be the next phase…

    I'm not afraid of Talpiot or any of it. Usury vs Labor, Labor must prevail!

  3. Whenever they have one of those articles about not having children, there is one thing you will never see. Diversity.

  4. They're not promoting low birth rates, they're simply replacing whites with any other immigrant culture because whites are not having enough babies – overpopulation is a myth.
    Does anyone realise that the world's population could fit in one country? It's just bad management & we're pushing self-driving cars? This is insanity.
    The Indigenous Australians will have NO CLAIMS once our Government replaces the whites with immigrants who don't give two shits about it. Wake up.

  5. Nationalist vegan here, not sure what refusing to cause suffering to animals has to do with this tbh.

  6. Some really simple things to think about.

    People need need food and water, so the amount of people that fit on a certain piece of land is utterly rediculous to use a an argument for population.

    The animals that get consumed ate food themselve. The animal food that was raised in fields that could also have been used to raise crops for human consumption. These animals themselve polute trough living(loads of Co2 gas and souring of ground and water). So eating meat is very much poluting and adding to overpopulation arguments on multiple facets.

    The fact that we have climate change shows that the way the human race lives as of now is not sustainable and might be called overpopulation. The world has a ecosystem that ballances itself, we need it to stay the same because we have evolved to fit in that. The world will be fine, but the human race might not be.

    Oh, and the number of children needed to sustain the population isnt determined by baby birth and baby death. Its determained by baby birth and death before reprogriating. And its a lot higher than 2.1 depending on living circumstances.

  7. If the British suck up this BS then they don't deserve to have a good country.
    The planet is not in any danger from us.

  8. And this is why Islam will consume The UK and other EU nations. This Overpopulation BULL is being believed hook line and sinker by the So called educated/western Nations.

  9. There you have it folks, proof if proof were needed that the central banks make the laws and totally control all the countries that allow them to print the money. Boot out the bankers and nationalise everything. It takes guts and a strong economy and unfortunately Greece have neither. Sorry Poseidon, no offence but Greece should never have joined and your government cooked the books to get you in there. Take the bit between your teeth like the Spartans and start to print the Drachma again, you will go back to being a quite poor country but at least you'll be free and will be able to make your own laws and decisions and in no time you will be back on top. You are European and have a long history of creative and great thinkers, you can redeem yourselves it just takes guts. We are all going to to have to go through this at some point, the evil EU can't be allowed to continue to ride rough shod over us.

  10. Whether you like it, understand it or not, over population is a real problem and should not be taken lightly. Simple arithmetic shows us how devastating constant growth in a finite environment can be. Don't take my word for it, listen to Albert Bartlet explain it to his college students in "The Most Important Video You'll Ever See". I would share the link, but youtube won't allow me to share links anymore or even paste in comments. Search for it on youtube, or find it in the "Important" playlist, on my youtube channel.


    FtheJs Dot Com

  11. Chinese have lifted the one child policy. 1.4 billion Chinese are not enough, 2 billion will be better somehow. I would say that the Jews have promised Australia to the Chinese, so they better breed up to justify requiring Australia.

  12. the dietary info in this vid is extremely under informed….i eat meat but understand its not good for us & rots in our stomachs….we have all been so uninformed all our lives & this fledgling debate over food & how veganism is a jew thing bullshit is very embarrassing

  13. haha, dan, did you say "a weekly non-fat policy"?….haha, but true, porn is sad & another weaponised tool of the yahudi maggots

  14. Some statistics for your curiosity: 🙂

    American Jewish Population (including partial ancestry):
    8.3 million

    World Jewish Population:
    14.4 million – 17.5 million

    Israeli Jewish Popultion:
    6,651,765 (75% of total Israelis)

    Israeli and American Jewish Pop.:

    American Jewish Demographics:
    35% reform
    30% no denomination
    18% conservative
    10% orthodox
    6% other

    American Jewish Practise:
    73% remember Holocaust as tragedy (4.9 mill)
    94% work on Sabbath (7.8 mill)
    89% are strongly critical of Israel (7.4 mill)
    68% do no believe in God (5.6 mill)
    34% believe Jesus is Messiah (2.8 mill)

    American Jewish Marriage:
    50% of Jews (25-54) are married (4.2 mill)

    60% of which are married to non-Jews (2.5 mill or 30% of all American Jews)

    15% of those married to other American Jews are raising Jewish children

    8% of those married to Jews have no children

    9% of those married to jews are not raising Jewish children

    Making approximately 38%-46% of jewish population being lost to intermarriage and/or no marriage based on these trends

    Factoring in percentage of jewish-jewish marriages actually promoting future jewish children, only about 15-22% of American Jews will be left in next few generations through assimilation and gradual identity and practise loss through intermarriage mainly.

    With current population figure of 8.3 million this will drop to 1.23 millon with time, and new proportion of merely 0.04% of US population.

    With Israel and USA as two largest Jewish population contributions worldwide, we get in a few generations the loss of approximately 7.3 million American Jews accounting for new world total of 7,651,765 Jews in Israel and USA (or about 51% drop).

    Remember that marriage to a Jewish woman is the key indentifier for Jewishness in children, ie if jewish men intermarry, their children will not be Jews.

    This leaves Jewish women to marry non-Jewish men more often than not would not convert to Judaism (which is frowned upon) and impart their own faith or lack thereof upon their children.

    Israel may have higher current fertility rates than other countries with similar economic prosperity (through theft 😉 ), however if you factor in the level of inbreeding that follows when you pack biologically very similar people (often withing 6th cousins) into small area of consistent climate with anti-intermarriage laws and closed borders (to africans and arabs deemd inferior to ashkenazi jews), there could be huge amount of infertility resulting once offspring show signs of genetic deterioration. Ie, even if you have 5-7 kids like orthodox families do in Israel, it will do little to preserve qualty of offspring in Israel, when inbreeding starts to punish your bloodline.

    Then add in the growing vegan population (over 300,000 or 4%) in Israel (Tel Aviv is considered unofficial world vegan capital, boasting highest vegans per capita), this will also have substantial effect on quality of next generation of infants in Israel.

    Then we come to the factor of Tel Aviv as the "gayest city on Earth," boasting large pride parades. Based on a 2016 study in Israel by Mor and Davidovch, "Of the total sample of 997 Israeli men, 11.9% reported lifetime male sex encounters, while 4.5% and 3.7% self-identified as gay or bisexual, respectively. The estimated population of self-identified Jewish gays/bisexuals aged 18–44 in Israel was 94,176, and in Tel-Aviv 33,839." For context, Israel has about as many LGBTs as San Francisco (94,234). Nationwide survey of Israeli LGBT for 2015 was

    Food for
    thought 😉

  15. people could slow down on reproduction without worrying about extinction. we're no longer in an age where our survival depends on mass reproduction. interesting to think where man kind will be thousands of years from now.

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