Pink Diamond Conspiracy CONFIRMED! We Were Right?! Steven Universe Conspiracy | Channel Frederator

Our Pink Diamond Steven Universe Cartoon Conspiracy has been confirmed?! Beware of any spoilers if you’re not caught up just yet! What do you think about the Pink Diamond reveal on Steven Universe? What will happen next? Let us know in the comments!

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Written by lena

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  1. I always thought that rose and pink might have been friends or worked together or something but after the reveal I just counldn't

  2. Ok so now there are new questions. What is inside the chess in lions main? Does steven have Pink diamonds diamond? Steven is half diamond not half gem so what does that mean for him? Does it change anything? And how did "Rose" have him?

  3. Well there's no ''original soldier'' that she took control of ,she simply shapeshifts into a rose quartz

  4. If not then just answer this Arielle: on a scale of 1 to 1,000,000, how excited were you to know that you were Right?

  5. I like the theorizing about Rose Quartz and astral projection… except that it's confirmed now that Rose Quartz is the result of Pink Diamond using shapeshifting to disguise herself as a Quartz soldier (probably because their physical appearance and abilities are the closest to resembling a diamond's).
    So, eh… good try, guys, but no cigar.

  6. In Say Uncle, UG tells Steven to get his gem polished twice a year. A rose quartz never needs to be polished. A diamond does twice a year.

  7. When we saw pearl teleport steven to the palenqien to pink we saw her diomond and when she rose and formed into her dimond form her gem turned upwords maybe stevens gem is just backwords maybe hers is to? It could be a posibility!

  8. I told everyone that Ross was Pink Diamond but everyone said no that was proven wrong well what about now!!!!!

  9. i actually notice this now but when ronaldo said something about the "snake people" pink diamonds cut was on the one dollar bill but why????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  10. 1 month later whilst watching a single pale rose and drinking a cup of the rose turns into pink diamond and you spit out your tea and are like we got it half right so in your face ha ha ha ha

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