POTP LIVE! Episode 16: Flat Earthers won’t provide a pic of the edge! So stop asking!

Paul On The Plane LIVE! on Truth Frequency Radio
Recorded July 24, 2018

Episode 16: Paul and Knoxy talk about the rules and regulations required to explore Antarctica independently. There’s no doubt the answer to the flat earth question lies south of all of us considering how impossible they make it to find the edge. No planes. No boats. No motorized vehicles. No dogs! Carry your own poop – with a permit! It’s absolutely ridiculous, even if you had the million dollars it would cost.

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Show Description: “The Earth exists and works much differently than what is preached in our schools and the mainstream media. While most of humanity believes we reside on a spinning, orbiting globe hurtling through infinite space at mind-boggling speeds, true science reveals we live on an extended plane that is completely motionless. Paul and his co-hosts explore the current and evolving Flat Earth theories that continuously get us closer to the true nature of our realm thanks to the truth-seeking communities who experiment and publish their findings for the world to study.”


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  1. Even if people are able to go to the coastline of Antarctica, that doesn't change all the other barriers to actually exploring Antarctica.

  2. Slipping on a banana peel…?! So retro! 😆
    Plenty of cartoon characters have slipped on banana peels.. apparently was more common during the first half of the 20th century/concrete jungle…😊

  3. "Antarctica lives in our imagination as the most remote, the most forbidding, the coldest place on the planet earth." The opening line to the Universal Pictures Documentary about Antarctica Titled… Wait for it… "Antarctica 3D; On the Edge" As they zoom in to Antarctica from space, a satellite crosses in front of the camera. It's so real! (Sarcasm of course) Where is the "edge" of a ball, pear, or an oblate spheroid? Please, someone, anyone, tell me. Looks like a healthy heaping of truth in plain sight.

  4. Guys, I proposed "the Helios" over two years ago, a design I've been contemplating in my head for many years now. A vortex-energy "blimp" running off compressed air, which can be harnessed easily from the wind itself, or small air-compressors such as used on a fish-tank, all running off very low power that the solar "wing" across the top from stability, lift etc can give. A true hybrid of a "ship", you could go fully low-tech so that nothing is detectable via radar, or carefully shielded so that it could be done on the down-low and likely to avoid detection.

    I mean, apart from Antarctic exploration, these would just be awesome flying machines. Drone-technology for instant lift, hydrogen cells to beat the expense of helium, plus provide rocket-fuel for instant bursts of speed. Kite-surfer or paraglider type sails for true air-sailing. Hot-air balloon technology in that instead of propane burners, use "projection" of colour for instant sun-heating (and invisibility, by projecting the image of each camera on the opposite side), halogen-lamps for internal heating and added lift. That's a few of the ideas currently available, making the hot-air balloon concept a toy from the past. I mean, do we want to go thousands of miles across and find other continents, or what?

  5. If your a “Flat Earther” and not an Anarchist than you haven’t been paying attention, you are your own ruler and NOBODY has the right to claim giant land masses and then put impossible stipulations on the same people whom supposedly own that land?!

  6. If it is as described — countless miles of ice, etc, there would be no need for ships to patrol, the elements would be enough to keep us from crossing. perhaps it is easy to cross!!!!!!

  7. The echo on this sounds retro 70's CB radio style when some of the truckers were pushing past the 5 watt limit and using reverb on their mic.

  8. I took the time to calculate a minimum financial effort to independently go across Antarctica (from one shore to the opposite shore), while respecting the Antarctic Treaty fully (walk on foot, sledges for wood-fuel not allowed-, excrements, food, water, tents.etc., roughly 300 well prepared, physically sound people, including medics, because, well, less than 300 won't be enough to drag all the sledges filled with fire wood, food, water, excrements, tents. etc., for a 6 thousand miles trip) : $ 10,000,000. And that is the minimum, in perfect conditions (no accidents, frostbites, weather change, etc.). TEN MILLION U.S. DOLLARS MINIMUM.

  9. It is so obvious that the Antarctic Treaty is the defense mechanism put in place to keep the masses in the dark on the ground. Musk, Branson, Bezos, NASA,RSA,ESA,JAXA and others are the defense mechanism put in place for off the ground. These 2 red flags are so obvious. If the Powers That Shouldn’t Be wanted to put this Plane Earth/ Globe Earth to rest they could do it easily by being transparent. The earth is a “Static Geocentric Plane” and those in power have known all of the mechanics and boundaries of it for 100 years +or -, they will lose in the end hopefully sooner than later. Peace Brothers and Sisters

  10. one man cannot explore very far into antarctica, it will take a co ordinated effort of exploration by mankind

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