On Aug 1, President Trump met with inner city religious leaders in the White House, most of them African American, all of them Christian. Seated next to him was John Gray, pastor of Relentless Church, and Alveda King, niece of MLK Jr., who used to be a democrat Congress member from GA. While I am not a fan of Alveda King because of her prejudice against gay people, I enjoyed the incredible support and gratitude for President Trump expressed by the dozen or so pastors and ministers present.

To review the incredible testimony of ritual abuse and MK Ultra survivor Fiona Barnett:

For a look at the association of Satanism and the Order of the Eastern Star, the female wing of freemasonry:

Meanwhile, Racism against white people is going strong at the New York Times and Maxine Waters is being investigated by the FEC! Wake up and smell the audit, Maxine!

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Written by lena

Foodie, Performer, Water Protector, Avid Baker, Syndicate Aggregator. I probably still live in my mom's basement.


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  1. Another great report. It is finally time to go from dark into the light. No more cover ups. The truth is coming out everywhere. It is time we say NO MORE!

  2. I live on CA. It it amazingly beautiful. I tried to tell people last year more fire where coming. Soooo Sad that they are burning it to the ground.

  3. Start Teaching Photosynthis again.Tress like the emissions its like oxygen for them and then they turn it into oxygen for us.

  4. If the epa did their job(s) Flint Michigan wouldn't have happened. I also had a personal experience with the epa. Trying to get them to shut down an indoor gun range that did not have ventilation. The range even allowed little kids to be in the range inhaling vast amounts or lead. I met with the local mayor and he pretty much blew me off and I called the epa for months. I had to escalate it to Senate level to have them put in the proper ventilation. The epa is worthless!

  5. Sometimes when I hear the crickets in the background of your videos and think I have crickets in my house!!! LOL!

  6. Ok this is a pivotal step but the black community has to upgrade from old traditional way of thinking to move forward# TRUST i KNOW

  7. Cant you print your statement on the video..instead of repeating it every single time you make a video ?
    It would go faster and easier for you….. volume is on the low side …wudyasay ?

  8. Thank you for speaking your words of encouragement for us in California! There are truly a lot of good Christian people here.

  9. Thank you for defending those of us here in California who are awake, Trump supporter and Q followers. I am a native in So Cal and it is so beautiful her and there are a lot of conservatives here in Orange County. You always do such a great job of sharing your information and knowledge with us in such an uplifting way! God Bless you and your work! #WWGOWGA Christine

  10. I just want to clarify that there are no (black) people, we are all people of color and it would be nice to refer to ourselves as people of color, that includes you too! Just saying.

  11. If gays weren't constantly try to overthrow our constitutional rights and generally bully the rest of us, you wouldn't have anti-gay sentiment…Your rights are not superior to mine.

  12. PEOPLE are saying that their houses burned from the inside out, cows were cooked from the inside out with no hair burnt and also theie homes were burned in half but not the trees and grass around it!!!!

  13. Pruitt was forced out because he was exposing their LIES and fixing the corruption of the E.P.A!!!

  14. Just because some idolatrous pimps in the pulpit pour butter an syrup on trump doesn't mean they're opinions of trump are shared by any significant percent of the so-called black community in the U.S. Just like in any racial group, there are low-lifes that will support a wicked person that is rich and powerful in hopes of increasing their own wealth and power. These pastors are scum…

  15. California passed a mandatory vaccine bill! Every SINGLE child must get all 69plus vaccines to attend public school(programming)!!! It is ridiculous!

  16. Hey Free, where are you? its Monday here in the UK and we miss you!! Hope you are free and safe. Looking forward to hear what you have to say very soon, thinking positive thoughts, love to all around the planet.

  17. August 6th, an audio transmission came through, but no visual…I was encouraged just to "hear" you, but wanted you to know. You are remarkable; what a research person with sound psychology.

  18. Hey quick question ?? Do you know Candace Owens or run into her recently??
    Really would appreciate a comment back . Free

  19. just wanted to let you know I love your videos and anticipate your next one each day….it's been four days since your last one and I miss you….praying you're ok and just taking a break, which I'm sure is much needed and overdue….love and prayers to you dear

  20. Omar NAVARRO is going up against Mad Maxine Waters

  21. Please,join in & invite others- Informal Group,Targeted Prayer- each Wednesday 4 pm eastern (US) from your own heart/in your own words,humbly asking "God,please,strike down ALL corrupt public officials & their puppet masters,Amen " God Bless WWG1-WGA.Everyone is invited.The more,the merrier

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