Pres. Trump cancels summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un | ABC News Special Report

President Donald Trump is canceling the planned June 12 summit with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un, citing the “tremendous anger and open hostility” in a recent statement from North Korea.

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  1. Trump is a total bullshit artist who puts the world in danger……. bastard !!!! He is a child, NOT CAPABLE….. get rid of him asap America, before it is too late……

  2. Oh! Please!!! Trump wants to get attention off the Müller investigation and toward a possible crisis in the Yellow Sea. Typical "Caja China". Trumps complains about Mexico, yet it does the Mexican Politician’s best moves.

  3. Not sure Trump is a peace maker or is that a pistol in the USA? Anyway NK blew up its factory for the talks so there is no need to meet and the USA would have to stop sanctions on NK of starving the people sort of stuff.

  4. Too bad it wasn't trumps fault for the meeting becoming canceled, to bad Kim is back on his monthly period again.

  5. Our Kim will not stop because all eastern countries and MNC companies are supporting him, but I don't like him because he is against to Jesus Christ,so within 4 months,you can expect ww3,so pray for the people

  6. You insult our great VP Mike Pence, then NO DEAL! Kim better learn how to show some respect, OR WE WILL WALK! Great job POTUS keep at it!!!

  7. Trump, together with South Korea, authorized that military execution completely out of time and unnecessary, to think that the United States already had presidents who are today a world reference, like George Washigton, Abraham Lincoln, I believe that an important country for the world as it is the USA deserved a better president! Greetings from Brazil!

  8. Kim 'lil Dong is messing up his Co-NOBEL chances. President Trump is going to win it all by himself.

  9. Does anyone else see The Ruler of North Korea, who is talking too South Korea are making History….. They have long been in a war that runs deep. Now they are talking. That sounds and looks like it’s a positive thing. We don’t always see that or near about anyone getting along. Be patient, they N. Korea hasn’t liked the US for quite some, getting along, even a war with them. It’s going to,happen, just NOT when the media says so.

  10. ABC. Where do I begin? You. You are SO FAR OFF the American dream, beliefs, tradition… I could go on. And on. And on. And on. And f'ing ON!!! WHO are you pleasing????? Not Americans. YOU are SO FAR UP HILLARY'S ASS that you CANNOT see the reality of this country! Do you realize how you make our country look to other countries??????????????? You are a DISGRACE TO US ALL. STOP!! STOP this bullshit bias shit now. If you don't, you are making yourselves look SOOOOO BAD. SERIOUSLY. Change your thought process or your network will DIE. Please!

  11. Koreo will sich mit Amerika treffen.Nur Trump scheint ein größeres Kind zu sein als angenommen.Die Chance.Ist einmalig.So wie Putin zu begin seiner Präsidentschaft.Ein pro Europäer war.Und mit Europa zusammen arbeiten wollte.Ist das bei Kim auch so.Vergeht die Möglichkeit ist es vorbei. .

  12. I don't see any hostility nor anger from North Korea – so now it's time for Trump to flip the script and accuse his enemies of what he is actually guilty of –

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