Pres. Trump remarks on cancellation of North Korea Summit at bill signing ceremony

The ceremony is the president’s first president’s first event since canceling the Summit with North Korea.

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  1. As Always, Evil, Failing Trump has no clue what is going on.
    He exists in his own, hazy, confused fantasy world where he deserves a Noble.
    Sad for our great nation.

  2. Blame it on V.P. "Peez" for opening his piehole and "sharting" that "Kimmy" would be the next "Omar" M.A.G.A.

  3. i think it is better than Hillary Clinton who would send many money to NK. That should be stupid. You have to put maximum pressure on North Korea and China, because they are bad states

  4. It’s Bolton and pence fault they open their freaking mouths and Kim gets cold feet this is why they shouldn’t open there mouth if we go to war it will be there fault trump did his part and try but this dummies ruin the summit that I was expecting to watch

  5. You didn't think this asshole could make a positive difference, did you?
    The world turns in spite of Trump, not because of him.

  6. I can make great deals, I have the best people. I'm the greatest deal maker ever. Guess Rocket Man played you. What an ass you are don. Worst president EVER.

  7. Kim never needed trump. Kim loves China and hates foolish trump who is a joke to them. Kim didn't care about his people.

  8. Look at him …orange racoon..he sounds drunk or on opiods , seriously he sounds drunk or it's brain malfunction. Nice to watch him fail…Kim suckered him..real negotiating skills..what a joke

  9. Bruh, look at all these muppets, they look like the extended family cousin of Donald the duck standing there

  10. But would you think a corrupt clinton would be great i dont think so the americans had to choose out of 2 party, actually 3 but nobody votes for green party I agree with you that Trump is a idiot, but Clinton would be much worser. Maybe put somebody with brains on the case

  11. What a strange looking human. And WHY does he communicate this way??? I'm not mocking, I'm genuinely curious what his brain tells him sometimes. It's like a constant self-congratulatory masturbation of cluster fuck nonsense.

  12. How is this news? North Korea already cancelled the summit meeting with Trump weeks ago. How is Trump now trying to twist it that he's the one who is cancelling? There's no low that this idiot won't go deeper under. And MSM goes there with him. Poor, poor America, what happened to you in such a short time. This is sad indeed

  13. Actually, from the current situation, we can see that if north korea and south korea come to a peace deal, south korea will not need US anymore. With the nationalism sentiment in SK, NK will probably be closer than US to them. This is something US doesn’t want. They want control on east asia. Peace in the peninsula is a joke. US DOES NOT WANT PEACE IN KOREA.

  14. It's just WHITES demanding a non-white what to do as ALWAYS being WHITES as always.
    Not a surprise.
    Until we all non-whites see the WHITES as the PROBLEM of this world, this kind of behavior like what you see in the video will never go away.

  15. Jonathan Karl always asking the stupid questions how does ABC call this journalism when it’s cheap shots oh yeah FK the Chew that show sucked the whole time🖕

  16. Can anyone believe this man? NK is not in poverty, they have no homeless living in the street but the US has. They cannot find a way to bait him.

  17. We will make American great, and I appreciate your greatest greatly. My greatest has been greatly increased because the magnitude of my greatest was increased by Kim when I greatly decrease his greatest. I am in awe of my greatest!!! Come and venerate my greatest in quite supplication and my greatest will increase greatly Amen.

  18. Kim 'lil Dong is messing up his
    Co-Nobel chances. President Trump is going to go ahead and win it all by himself.

  19. Japan and others will carry the burden of the cost in and potential operation. Never a truer word spoken. The "cost of the burden is Japanese lives and others are going to be great. NK do not trust USA with good reason so dont you think that just one of those nukes are going to go off? Things are improving between between NK and SK so why attack? for the NWO of course.

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