President Donald Trump Calls Off Summit With North Korea’s Kim Jong Un | NBC Nightly News

A senior administration official says Trump made the decision after statements from North Korea threatened a “nuclear-to-nuclear showdown” and called Vice President Pence a “political dummy.”
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President Donald Trump Calls Off Summit With North Korea’s Kim Jong Un | NBC Nightly News

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  1. Hey sub to me I do Episodes every day so sub to my channel and this all about stuffed animals Episodes

  2. Good decision Show the little fat man who is the real power in the talks, don't let him try to threaten use into making bad deals

  3. Sure is reassuring to have a president who is not afraid to stand up to tyranny and brandishing stupidity.

  4. The meeting really needs to proceed, it's very important for both the US and both Koreas including China…very historic ot needs to happen.👍🇺🇸😃

  5. Fat boy should just wait for the Washington swamp to be drained before he talks detente again. Negotiating with the POTUS in Sing Sing or a Club Fed is always more palatable than in a hotel in Singapore.

  6. Trump is over this.The North Koreans are out of their depth dealing with the Master Negotiator. Brilliant, can't wait to see his next move!

  7. Big win for USA
    1) hostages released. Unlike Obama no billions sent to North Korea
    2) test site major one blown up
    3) boss status
    4) free to screw with China on trade without them reminding him about Korea
    5) Kim has to give up more, and reach out again exposing his weakness.

  8. Obviously, Chinese Communist Party Xi Jinping uses North Korea to negotiate Sino-U.S. trade negotiations with the United States. He also allowed Wang Qishan to unveil the future of Russia and form an alliance with Russia against the United States.

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