Progressive Weekly Review with Markus, Laura, Joe, & John – Guest Eric Burnette OR CD2 Candidate

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Intro song – Welcome – Card End of the Corporate Age – The Color Bars
John’s Intro
Kiluea and unity

Today’s Guest MAY 15 Primary = OR, ID, NE and PA
Eric Burnette OR CD 2 (D) Live for ~ 10-15 mins, topic of Job Destruction
Eric Burnette On the Issues
Primaries Preview
Douglas Whitmore NE Senate (I) Laura to make slide
John Fetterman PA Lt Governor (D) Laura to make slide

Primaries Review
Indiana, North Carolina, Ohio, West Virginia Laura?
Last Week On UHM
Progressive Oregon Guests: Megan Salter & Bill Trumble (Full Show)
Progressive California Guest: Adriel Hampton (Full Show)
Adriel on how strong Progressives in California really are
WeThePeople – Monday Guest: Andy Caffrey (D) – California. CD 2 (Full Show)
Andy on how to change the system
WeThePeople – Wednesday Guest: Nils Palsson (NPP) – California CD 5 (Full Show)
Nils about the idea of Sharing
Progressive Washington Guest: Ryan McAllister (Full Show)
News: Climate, Politics, Science etc.
Orange Stupidity 45, Iran & EU (Markus)
Orange Diplomacy Richard Grenell US Ambassador in Germany (Markus)
Dems Are At It Again… Dems Lead Slipping in CNN Poll (Joe)
Gun Goons NRA & Civil Terrorism (Panel?)
Upcoming Shows
Progressive Oregon Countdown to the 2018 Oregon Primary
Progressive California
WeThePeople Guest: Erik Rydberg – Green Party Candidate for CA SOS
WeThePeople Guest: Bryan Kim – Independent Candidate, CA. CD53
Progressive Washington
Music Story Time
CocoRosie – Smoke ’em Out (feat. ANOHNI)
CocoRosie Wiki
John on Twitters (John)
Laura on Twitters (Laura)
Markus on Twitters (Markus)
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Written by lena

Foodie, Performer, Water Protector, Avid Baker, Syndicate Aggregator. I probably still live in my mom's basement.


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  1. Blowing up a volcano would not be a positive, probably just make for a bigger eruption and cataclysm. We are not talking about an oil well that was opened by man, we're talking about a natural fissure.

    Elizabeth Warren is not a solution, she's part of the problem. Her consumer protection agency did nothing, and was designed to do nothing.

  2. This Shadow Cabinet idea is AWESOME and I hope to see the Dem's implement this ASAP. I had no idea they already had this going in the UK. I suggest Sheldon Whitehouse, Democrat Sen. from RI. AT LEAST once or twice a month that man is giving a lengthy presentation and berating congress concerning the importance of Congress addressing the Climate Crisis. We can find PLENTY of our Congress people to fill these positions and Josh Fox and Bill McKibben and many others can assist them in these roles. I would like to research this more for Shadow Attorney General, Sec. of Interior, the whole enchilada. The Democrats REALLY need to get it together here. They are totally dropping the ball and if they want to fight for the American people's rights they need to fight DIRTY.

  3. Can you guys give a shoutout to Delaine Eastin? She's the only progressive I know of running for California's Governorship, and she has to beat Gavin Newsom and Antonio Villaraigosa, who are both better known Democrats running for the same office. I know I come up with the most random Ideas, but hear me out. In order to differentiate herself from Gavin, who is also promising universal healthcare, why not promise them something infinitely more valuable? As a former Trump supporter, let me try to explain why I think Trump can be beaten. Trump is a demagogue that can’t shift his core appeal, his status as America’s lovable drunk uncle. The problem with having your drunk uncle run the country, however, is that his reckless bantering and his deeply insecure bravado threaten us with nuclear war on a regular basis. In order to beat him, the opposition to him must be willing to not just out argue him, but also be lighthearted and funny about it, as much of America has a genuine affection for this man. We need to get the same amount of attention from the press as he did, but instead of running on a platform of xenophobic hatred, we have to run on a platform of promise and hope. What is more promising and hopeful than the prospect of not having to die of nuclear war, or anything else? Medical advances may be putting us on the precipice of a startling future, one free from the illnesses of old age and with a vastly increased average lifespan. And yet, fringe longevity enthusiasts like Aubrey De Grey and Ray Kurzweil are the only people talking about it. Funding for such research and guaranteeing the results as a right to all American citizens could be the cornerstone of hope based campaigns for decades to come. Also, funding for a program seeking to enable the downloading of a human brain into a computer could extend life indefinitely, the transhumanist party tried to run on similar funding ideas, but I don't believe that they made specific promises to guarantee the results of such research to everyone as a right, not a privelege. Can you imagine it? “Vote for him and you could die tomorrow, vote for me and you could live forever.” What better campaign slogan could there be? Also promising a UBI large enough to free people from the decision between work and starvation would be hilarious and in a good way. It would get the media's attention, and would instantly give her a hippie-esque appeal. "We don't wanna work man." Freedom from work and eternal life! woo!

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