Prominent Pro-LGBTQ Lawyer Kills Himself To Protest Climate Change

David Buckel, a prominent LGBTQ civil rights attorney, fatally set himself on fire at Prospect Park in Brooklyn, New York, early Saturday morning.

He was 60 years old.

In a suicide note left near his body, Buckel said he had used “fossil fuel” to ignite the fire and wanted his death to symbolize what humans are doing to Earth, the New York Daily News reported. Buckel emailed copies of the note to several news organizations, including the New York Times.

“Pollution ravages our planet, oozing inhabitability via air, soil, water and weather,” Buckel wrote in his note, according to the Times’ copy of the note. “Most humans on the planet now breathe air made unhealthy by fossil fuels, and many die early deaths as a result — my early death by fossil fuel reflects what we are doing to ourselves.”

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  1. Two thousand years ago a man resigns himself to a horrific death in an attempt to send a potent message to humanity and try to save it from itself; now people all around the world worship him.

    In the present day a man resigns himself to a horrific death for the same reason, and it's called a wasted life. I guess time will be the judge on that one.

  2. I think that he was already going to kill himself and this was just a way he could do it whilst doing something positive. Either way, very sad.

  3. So sad, Buckel was one of the best people. But the irony is people are tainting him when he made the ultimate sacrifice, they should be celebrating him and his legacy.

  4. green energy is so ridiculously inefficient. I am a fan of nuclear energy. The easiest example is France vs Germany. Germany's failed green energy initiative buying power from the nuclear powerhouse France

  5. This reminds me of a Star Trek episode when they discover Warp Travel causes rifts and tears in space so someone sacrificed herself by jumping at Warp 9 or similar high speed. Sure enough, they discovered she was right but she died in the process and the federation made changes. I still think she could have just programmed the ship to do warp 9 without her inside.
    This is a very sad story. With the lawyer I mean. 🙁

  6. I think he was probably suicidal anyway and thought well he'd try and get a point across regarding climate change simultaneously.

    Problem is, people will now look at him as being insane and the cause he said he died for will suffer because of this and not make gains.

  7. As a transgender who attempt suicide at least once(41% for males, 46% for females), it's disappointing that he committed suicide by adding to global warming about to engulf a boiling planet in floods. I would have been more impressed if he had drained himself of his bodily fluids, entered a electric generator plant's incinerator, and then bequeathed his ashes to be used as fertilizer. But no, it was all about him and ending his liberal existence by adding a great deal of carbon pollution to the environment. Of course, considering he was suffering from the mental derangement characteristic of transgenders who hallucinate that they are one of dozens of genders while struggling with a severe mental disease, he cannot, ultimately be blamed for frying himself.

  8. Leave it to a crazy liberal to do dumb shit like this, was it a sacrifice to the weather God's? What is setting yourself on fire gonna achieve? We're all more useful alive than dead, js… No problem can be solved by suicide, even if you're trynna make a point.

  9. It's sad that someone lost their life prematurely but there is an upside to the story. There is one less imbecile in the gene pool.

  10. HOLY SHIT! you know things are getting bad when people would rather set themselves on fire than stay in this world any longer.

  11. COMPLETELY disagree that a person doing what he does obviously has mental issues. General suicide and this suicide isn't the same. I could explain this clearly, but I don't feel like it right now Lol.

  12. Kyle, fuck you. This is not suicide by ideology. This is dying for what you believe in. Read the I have a dream speech again. Even if he died from suicide, at least he did something with it. Almost 90 % of your viewers have considered suicide at one point or another. Do not insult them by doing what the establishment does. Do not blame the victim.

  13. he was under a lot of stress imgine trying to stand up for the most vunerable and targeted group of people in the world just to see civil rights removed under this 4th reich. I understand where he was at seeing the world fall apart while our own generation doesnt have a voice or a future

  14. I think this should be the beginning of a movement. More people on the left should emulate him. Gasoline and matches are on me.

  15. Could be just a cover to get outta the take down of pedogate? I suspect there will be more suicides coming from the deepstate participants and/or supposed suicides from the witnesses.

  16. It's disgusting you, Kyle, assume because a form of protest doesn't suit your sensibilities that must mean the protester was mentally ill. Some people don't fear death and that doesn't make them mentally ill.

  17. 'get help' is easier said then done in a case like that. until not long ago i was actually considering doing exactly what that guy did. mainly because i realized that by continuing to work, and paying taxes, I'm actually gassing children. luckily i live in a country with a functioning social safety net, for now. so for now, i don't work. doctors usually seem to understand, but they can't actually help me (unless they're able to brainwash me into a set of ethics that legitimizes gassing children). it's different with our omnipresent bureaucracy, those folks tend to think I'm either crazy, or lazy. that constant struggle to be allowed to stay alive (without living on the streets) makes me yearn for legal medically assisted suicide every single day…

    still, i get your point. which partially is why i didn't 'fire myself'. also the fact that staying alive is the only way i can continue to be a thorn in my governments flesh.

  18. he was probably sick and tired beyond belief of the corruption of this country and the FACT that no-one can fix how broken and blatantly corrupt the USA is because it doesn't matter who you vote for, we will always get a corrupt president. Status quo is the US motto, poor die whilst rich literally throw money away.

    No-one will ever be able to change this country for the better, there's too many 1%'s who run the world to let that happen and only with a full-scale revolution would the people be able to change ANYTHING. This country was NEVER great.

  19. Sounds like you don't need to be smart to become a lawyer after all. We are producing less than 1/5 of the carbon emissions that come from the ocean. Cows do more than humans do with major industry. Fuck that guy, he is a retard that killed himself for a cause that he didn't even fully understand based on a false premise. Lol what a fool

  20. It’s sad that he thought his death would bring about change. He could have done more alive. It’s sad for many reasons.

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