Prophetic Word for the Next 15 Weeks

Find out:
-How to prepare for the new authority God is releasing
-4 Powerful Keys that will change your life
-What has looked like a loss is now going to turn around
-How to see and pray from God’s perspective
-A new strategy from Heaven to effectively pray against violent acts, destructive weather patterns and more

-Register Now for Doug’s next Live online workshop: Disarming Difficult Times: Passionate, Positive and Powerful Prayer. Doug will release the new prayer strategy from Heaven to stop violent acts, destructive weather patterns and more on Saturday, June 23 from 10 a.m. to Noon Pacific Time; chat in your questions plus receive access to the video replay, downloadable mp3 audio and PDF notes for only $37. Live “seats” are limited so don’t wait to register!

-Download Doug’s NEW free ebook, 4 Powerful Keys That Will Change Your Life. These keys will help you prepare for the new things the Lord is bringing soon! Grab your keys today at

-Check out Doug’s new blog: How to See and Pray from God’s Perspective Many people are still living the storyline of their past or trying to deal with their present struggles because they are in pain. God sees you and your painful situations, and He will not leave you alone.

-Listen to Doug’s latest podcast How to Save Time in Growing in Your Prophetic Gift [Episode 56] with author, prophetic life consultant and founder of Emerging Prophets Schools, Keith Ferrante.

Bible verses in this message:
Haggai 2:6–10, 23

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