‘Realistic’ video game body types and fat acceptance

I don’t think it’s helpful (or moral) to promote unhealthy lifestyle choices just because people’s feelings might be hurt if I didn’t accept their choices. Of course, I would never approve of bullying overweight people – but isn’t fat acceptance just another form of bullying others to get them to accept a view contrary to their own?

The article in question:

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Written by lena

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  1. I'm sorry, SJWs, but people tend to find thin fit people attractive. This is never going to end. I'm a little overweight, and yet seeing ads of really fit people don't make me feel insecure. If people lose weight it's not as if they're doing so because they're pressured. Maybe it's just because they're trying to better themselves. People shouldn't be bullied, but I wouldn't want it promoted either. I'm also a smoker. You would never hear me say "smoking's great! Everyone should do it! Start now!" You'd think I'm gone fucking nuts. Even fat activits would know that.

  2. Most the people I know have a body type similar to Lara Croft. I have family that looks more like the grandmotherly innkeeper, but they eat far to much junk food.

  3. It is crazy that people believe they can healthy at every size. When one's BMI is 30 And above , it is not possible to be healthy. The hips and knees will wear out .

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