Replacing fossil fuels: metal-water reactions for clean power – Keena Trowell at SEDTalks! 2018

In the fight against climate change, new fuels are needed to replace fossil fuels. Metals store energy during the refining process and are a novel way of transporting and stockpiling renewable energy. Keena’s research is focused on releasing that stored energy, in the form of heat and hydrogen, by reacting the metal with water. The result is instant access to clean power with no release of greenhouse gasses.

Keena Trowell is a PhD candidate in Mechanical Engineering at McGill Univeristy. Her supervisors are Jeff Bergthorson and David Frost.

TISED mobilizes knowledge to educate and influence public policy around sustainability working with McGill University’s engineers, architects, and planners. TISED promotes bold and green ideas through education, outreach, and research, where we aim to connect our institution with the public for a greater understanding of sustainability issues in our society.


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