Reports: China Ill-Prepared for Trade War, Has Limited Capacity to Retaliate Against U.S.

China’s retaliatory tariffs against U.S. imports affect only a fraction of bilateral trade as Beijing finds itself ill-prepared for an all-out trade war with the U.S. One America’s Kristian Rouz explains.

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  1. The U.S. has a 800 billion dollar a year trade imbalance. It would appear China and the world declared a trade war on us long ago.

  2. China's finally getting what it played for. They may produce just about everything now but the US is their cash cow and greatest consumer of damn near everything. If China makes it fiscally desirable to source production of goods from markets w/o Chinese tariffs. It will only hurt themselves. aka Trump winning.

  3. No more talk China! You don’t tell us what to do or say anymore! Be content to rule your own country and stop trying to rule ours! We are not bowing down to anyone anymore. This is our country not yours!

  4. The time is long overdue for China and other countries to pay the piper. Strictest of trade enforcements now! Let the chips fall where they may because they all need us WAY more than the U.S. needs them. Time for a Trade RESET all the way around.

  5. Heck yeah! Don't base your metric of financial success of the stock market. It's the rich man's casino and is speculative. Regular people rarely have stock. Only the wealthy are losing money and they are not really losing money because they hedge by diversifying their investments. My portfolio has lost nothing because of a diverse portfolio. It's gambling you don't always play poker sometimes it's a jack black night. Lol. But seriously in the long run stocks will be way better if the US economy on main Street is better. Wealthier citizens make wealthier consumers. In order to have wealthy citizens you have to bring back industry and innovate new ones. In order to do that you have to make up for unfair trade policies such as for example China and Germany practice of heavily subsidizing certain industries making their products far too underpriced.

  6. Of course they're "ill prepared". One look at the trade deficit with them is all it takes to make that leap. The Chinese economy is very dependent on their US exports. US exports to China? Not so much. It could be somewhat costly to the US, but it would be brutal for China. I suspect this is more of a bluff on the part of the Chinese, but we'll have to wait to see their cards or see them fold.

  7. yes us will win the trade war by putting those farmers as front line..good job trump👍👍👍best supporter or trump👏👏👏

  8. China is going to retaliate, huh?. They import a faction of what they export to us. Our exporters to China won't be near as harmed as China will if we continue to tighten the screws. We import three to four times as much to China as we export to them. Maybe they can then export their junk to North Korea. Hardy har har, China. Rotsa ruck.

  9. Wait, China and the EU are proposing trade tariffs that exclusively apply to Republican states in order to attack the president's national opinion? What the fuck? How underhanded is that?

  10. Piss off China! We are America, and we do not wish to engage in globalism, Dispite what our polititions in the past have said. Trump is a true representation of the PEOPLE, bend over and grab your knees

  11. lololololol
    look at those comments, no wonder US got fked so much, hahahahaha what a fkn retarded people, Chinese will will starve oOOOHhh they are making fake gold, their factories were going down! omg they will surrender to US, USA SO POWERFUL TRUMP NO.1
    Those whom the gods wish to destroy they first make mad

    we will see…welcome onboard America~ ROFL

  12. This report is basically praising the US and is not taking an in-depth look at what is really happening with the trade war between China and the USA…

  13. Screw the thieving Chicoms. If you shake hands with a Chinaman count your rings and check for your watch. If they could they'd steal your finger prints.

  14. Either this channel is sympathetic to totalitarian states or stupid. What the CCP must do is take its boot off the
    neck of Chinese consumers and share its obscene wealth it has acquired from its slave labor with those who
    have done the work. The only long term security for China is a strong domestic consumer market. The press
    better start hitting the CCP on their human rights abuses are prepare themselves for the abuse they deserve.

  15. The CCP is hoping the traitors to America who fill the ranks of the Democratic Party will come to their aid and
    attack Trump for his MAGA policy. The Democrats want to destroy America as much as the CCP does. They
    are natural allies. America should be prepared to defend itself against the enemy within before we can take
    on the external enemies we face in China. Damn the Democrats. Bury the Democrats first.

  16. You mean you won already, Lying media and lying Americans. Boycott to boycott Chinese people will boycott US products and already did, Americans is incapable of this. Careful not to bury US cities with trash too. So keep the rubbish in the US.

  17. China ships us nothing but cheap poorly made  goods and most of them are TOXIC. If we buy none of their products they will go bankrupt. China is in no position to demands anything , 90 % of the country is illiterate and not skilled. The Globalists can eat shit and die.

  18. Trade deficits or surplus means nothing, when all the profits flow back to America at the end.

    American company Apple manufacture iPnones in China. Then export those iPhone all over the world including America. Those iPhones are counted as product/export of China. At the end China gets about 10$ per iPhone and Apple pocketed more than 500$ for each iPhone exported from China.

    Many American companies produce their products in China and sell all over the world. All of those products are counted as export of China, but all the profits flow back to America.
    That is why American stock market is flooded with money.

    America do not export physical goods. But whenever somebody somewhere eat at Macdonal or use AmericanExpress cards or drink Coke, watch a movie use Facebook. The river of money flow back to America.

    America complaining China is just like a rich banker abusing a pizza delivery man for doing one-way trade.
    The pizza delivery man sell pizza to banker and get 20$. The banker complaint about unfairness because the pizza man did not buy anything back from the banker. The banker have nothing for sale anyway.
    But whenever the pizza man pay back his home loan, car loan, business insurance, health insurance, the money from the pizza man flow back to the banker.
    The evil banker don't want to pay for pizza. So, he tell his drivers that pizza delivery man is taking their jobs. He said the pizza man is evil, because he only sell and never buy anything back from us, and the pizza man drive all day and night and taking over your job. He tell his driver to unleash the dogs right after delivery.

    Evil banker!, the pizza man said painfully. We might be weak but we are watching. And we are not as stupid as you think.

    End of story.

  19. so we can live with no plastic shit in the stores , can they live with mass unemployed and starving millions

  20. God Bless President Donald J Trump and Lord please send the democraps straight to Hell for destroying America.

  21. I thank God YAHWEH for the Great President Donald Trump. He is reversing the damaging effects of the Clinton Administration and punishing the dirty chinks for destroying America.

  22. Tariff on agricultural products to their near sanctions? So what? More food for Americans at a cheaper price, especially if more preferential U.S subsidies and tax breaks are given to small family farms, community farms, small town farms, farmers cooperatives, and mechanized organic farmers as long as they are all 100% certifiable organic and non-gmo. By the way, President Trump must reverse evil Ovomit's insane frivolous executive order that wrongly says growing your own food is hoarding BECAUSE IT IS NOT HOARDING WHEN YOU GROW YOUR OWN FOOD BECAUSE YOU WANT TO BE FREE OF MONSANTO AND MONSANTO BRIBED OVOMIT TO SIGN THIS EVIL EXECUTIVE ORDER TO MAKE AMERICANS SLAVISHLY AND HELPLESSLY DEPENDENT ON THE U.S GOVERNMENT INSTEAD OF BEING FOOD INDEPEDENT AND FOOD SAFE AND SEED SAVERS. FOR IT IS A KIND OF INDIRECT FORCED-EDUCATED/FORCED-LEARNED HELPLESSNESS WHICH IS A TREASONOUS ACT OF DESTROYING THE AMERICAN DREAM OF BEING FOOD INDEPENDENT, FOOD SAFE, SEED SAVERS, FOOD SELF-SUFFICIENT, OFF-GRID LOCAL FOOD GROWERS.

  23. This Chinese sanctions through tariffs on American farmers will also work in favor for the United States Food Security Act by returning to the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, up to the early 1980s and mid-1980s Food Stockpile Emergency Reserve Status when America once had mountains of all kinds of freeze-dried dehydrated grains, legumes, beams, root crops, vegetables, dairy products, fish products, fruits, honey, meat, poultry, etc to last for SEVERAL DECADES IN CASE OF A NUCLEAR WAR!

  24. "TRADE WAR" is'll be bumpy at first but we'll do fine in a long run. Boycott "MADE IN CHINA" and buy American made products. China will be begging to negotiate with President Trump in less that 6 months

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