Rick and Morty Season 3 Episode 5 “The Whirly Dirly Conspiracy” Breakdown!

Episode 5 is the first Rick and Jerry adventure, the unlikely duo go to an amusement park that allows you to survive death! @BuddyHutton doesn’t want to be known as the vagina guy.

More recaps of Cartoon Network’s Rick and Morty Season 3:

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Written by lena

Foodie, Performer, Water Protector, Avid Baker, Syndicate Aggregator. I probably still live in my mom's basement.


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  1. C-137 got his body killed after; moving his mind into another Rick body in season 3 episode 1. The snake is based on an actual worm that has copper teeth; who can guess its name?

  2. This is the same Rick C137 consciousness, it's in the body of that Rick commander after he body swapped a few times in episode 1 of Season 3. That is where he got his Class C or above body modifications.

  3. I think neighbor Gene is reference to Wilson from home improvement with panama fishing hat, but with full face disclosure.

  4. Oh ok, you just sort of review the episode and point out bits you like and admire the show. No conspiracies or wild speculation huh?
    … I really like it.
    This is the sort of in depth conversation I'd love to have with friends, if I could remember it all on the spot and I really really can't. Watching this is almost a substitute for that. Thanks

  5. rick has the cybernetic enhancements because that isnt his original body because remember he swapped bodies with one of the citadel ricks

  6. The psychedelic trip through the wormhole is in my opinion the most important scene in the episode in terms of understanding the shows deeper meanings. Unfortunately you missed it which pretty much makes you're entire youtube channel worthless. Suck a bag of donkey dicks. Nothing Matters. #YOLO #WHOSDOWNTOWORSHIPSATANWITHME?

  7. Why did Rick go to all that trouble to catch their "ride" and tell Jerry that twenty miles away they could get transportation to the Milky Way when his saucer was parked at the resort within walking distance?

    For that matter, how did he get his saucer back from the Squanchy planet after Bird Person's melding? He said in Act One that it was eighty thousand light years from Earth.

  8. Could I also point out that Rick in S3E1, he was body swapping constantly, so he could have swapped into a biomechanical body. Plus how Rick states the Beth was "Rick's" daughter and not "my" daughter.

  9. I've actually met quite a few people that still refer to the peach crayon as the flesh coloured crayon… and they are not that old…

  10. As for the flesh colored crayon thing, there's outright by the social justice warriors now about the color "nude" with make up….. Also Gene i think was a reference to Home Improvement with the neighbor who always looked over the fence. I think his name was Wilson

  11. I didn't get the joke that rick made to Jerry about pumping something into summer when the snake gagged ??? What was that about

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