Rick and Morty Season 3 Episode 5 The Whirly Dirly Conspiracy (REACTION)

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Written by lena

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  1. This episode is pretty good most of season 3 is. I really liked how morty was at the end of the episode with summers ex. great reaction as always.

  2. I like how this episode shows Rick doesn't actually hate Jerry. Most of that is just bitter resentment over getting his little girl pregnant. But outside of that, both of them seem pretty cool with each other.

  3. man I'm going to be so sad when you finish this season. You should give hellsing ultimate abridged a shot and prepared to start laughing

  4. 6:51: Ok, I get what you were doing here but you forgot one simple thing…………. THIS A REACTION! Not a freaking Memedump! Why do other Youtubers do this? It's just stupid. Look, I like your reactions but those kind of things annoy me.

  5. 8:12: Ugh, I hate characters like this, especially Summer, she needs to go die in a fire with her, "Like, Oh my God" crap, I'd punch Summer in the face!

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