Russia Not Protecting Her Allies in Syria – Morris

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Written by lena

Foodie, Performer, Water Protector, Avid Baker, Syndicate Aggregator. I probably still live in my mom's basement.


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  1. Israel is being checked. The Jihadists failed to bring down Syrian Government, plan B is get Americans in the North of Syria to keep an eye to protect Israel.

  2. Morris your very bias in your views in so many areas .many I can agree with but there are two sides in every conflict .one side never has it all right or the moral ground in totality.

  3. I agree with you Morris, Nobody can rely on Russia for protection. I remember the war in Serbia. They did nothing to protect them from Nato, US, UK, France etc. I believe its not because they don't care but because they are afraid the US and NATO.

  4. Guys ,wtf are you saying? You accuse Russia of not protecting Syria ,but you dont realise that if Russia did retaliate ,it would provoke a war with NATO! And that would be disastrous for all the world!

  5. One can never fully trust Russia…They have good relationship with Israel. They make a deal with usa and back stab Iranian..

  6. Muslim's can relay on anyone but self, because if they do they will get disappointed, idk why haven't Muslim leaders realised that by now, it's just a matter of time before they are at end of rope dangling.

  7. Morris id like to correct you on something if i may .. it wasnt Russia alone it was USSR that lost the number of people you mentioned in the last WW ..there were 14 other countries besides Russia in the USSR ..everything else you said is absolutely correct .. they have a phrase in Russia, " Medvezhii Usloughee (Bear's Services)" , meaning very much like a Bear youre pretending to help and thats what it looks like from the side … but in reality youre NOT ..and only looking out for your own interest in the matter …hope that helps

  8. What should Russia do? if Russia reacts they will be blamed all over Western Media to start WW3- its a Stupid Game the Best thing to do is not playing along- as longer the Russians hold patience as more obvious will it be for the People to see who the real Evil Forces are.

  9. Good point on mentioning the Anti-Arab comments coming from all the spectrum of Iranian voices. The hatred of Arabs is the antagonism which binds the Iranians together. It is the major ingredients in pan Iranianism.

  10. Relax , Putin knows what he is doing. The US and Israel is trying to provoke Russia into fighting back which they will not do unless Russian military is attacked directly . Russia has prevented Assad from being toppled and with Russia's help Syria has defeated the US backed rebels and thwarted all the plans the US and Israel and Saudi Arabia had for Syria . So Russia is really winning . These missille strikes are nothing more than the west trying to bait Russia into a direct conflict . Putin is playing it smart and knows that he is winning .. The real bloody nose being delivered in all this is the fact that all the US plans are being thwarted and when it's all said and done it will be the US that loses it's objective.

  11. Morris if I wasn't for Russia the Syrian state would be over run by jihadists from 2015 so Russia has protected its allies and hopefully very soon the Syrians will have the s300 up and running… but yes I do agree that Russia could and should be doing alot more but they are in a very difficult position being the only super power standing on the side of the Iranians and the Syrians but I still simply don't know where mr Putin stands on the Israeli issue because it has been a constant unknown for me and an extremely concerning issue..!!!

  12. They changed the Transponders to look like U.S Jets.
    Israel will fight down to the last American to obtain a Greater Israel

  13. Dont despair Mr. Morris…..Russia is waiting for some sanity from the west which wont be seen and eventually it will be full support

  14. Russia knows that if they respond, it will mean the beginning of WWIII and that it will most likely turn nuclear. Putin is still trying to talk some sense into US and Israel, but it won't go on forever. At some point, a decision will have to be made on peace or war. In any case, Putin is the sane one. Our guy and his Israeli handlers are the nuts.

  15. I do not know what Russia waits? For World Soccer Cup to starts and ends? Have they not waited long enough, seen many deaths of Russians killed by Israel, US and west in general?

  16. Why Russians not defending ishraels attacks on Syria???.or Putin on zionist side or deep state..(i believe they all on one side)

  17. everyone plays their parts for israel us russia china iran korea all so they can look like opposition stay in power and do nothing

  18. Very right, Russia will do nothing even if satanic coalition of U. S and Israel nuke the defending middle eastern countries. The reason is own interests and religious afanity and lack of will.

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