Scalise turns up the heat on Attorney General Jeff Sessions

House majority whip explains on ‘Hannity’ why he wants the Department of Justice to turn over documents related to the Russia probe.

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  1. Why don’t they use the Military, guns drawn, and take the evidence. Didn’t they do this to Trump’s lawyer? USE the seals, they won’t ever be seen.

  2. There should NOT be a FISA court at all. Its existence is a violation of the Fourth Amendment and has been since the day the Patriot Act was passed.

  3. who's to say the FBI isn't destroying evidence they did it for Hillary so the FBI doesn't have a problem with aiding and abetting criminalor destroying evidence to cover up a crime instruction of just wow the FBI is more and more becoming the Mafia

  4. Demote Sessions to Human Relations and replace him with someone who will support Congess's oversight responsibilies.

  5. I believe the fairness and justice to all by honesty and truth only. If we forgive each other, forgive all by generous mind of learning experience or the truth and fairness to all. The information and materials are belong to our country America and not belong to any individuals or groups, but belong to our country America. Congress absolutely has every reason to look into for important learning experience, because they are also one of the three branches of most important Government leaderships. The Majority House leader McCarthy and Congressman Scaliase are all very reasonable, patriotic and experienced governing leaderships, I believe. Learning experiences are extremely important to understand more and do better things in the future for America’s greatness and principles. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean to doom anyone, but to make America secure and safe from now on and in the future only. I don’t believe the motivation to see anyone to be doomed, but by honesty, fairness and truth as our own learning experiences for America’s greatness is security and safety to do better things by principles always from now on only.

  6. Why is this being made so complicated? We have a GOP-led Congress, and a Republican in the White House with a Republican AG. If sniveling rat bastard Rosenstein won't comply with a House subpoena, Sessions must fire him. His 'recusal' does not cover his routine duties running the DOJ. It's Rosenstein's obligation to comply. The AG can and must fire him for dereliction of duty.

  7. Steve Scalise gonna play 2nd base this year at the Congressional baseball game. I know last year he had a little trouble handling those hot grounders to the hole. Scalise might be better off being second base this year.

  8. I think sessions is trying to save the DOJ for the USA. The past has done so many unlawful and unconstitutional acts that it will be years if ever before the American people will believe the law is equal.


  10. An army of federal marshals should be sent in to raid all the FBI offices and their personal residences, gather all the evidence, throw them all in prison.

  11. America is so fucked up, quite frankly it's pathetic. State of emergency would have been a better route to go

  12. Forget turning up the heat — set the dudes pants on fire he will not understand anything else!!!! Trump.has the power to hire.or fire anyone in Executive branch — so why doesn't he???

  13. Reprint of an editorial piece:  'The President with above average intelligence actually knows deep down the Mueller investigation is not a "WITCH HUNT", as he also knows and understands that he has plenty to hide related to the very things that are being investigated. The President's clever, expertly repeated efforts to discredit the investigation with the various catch phrases and denials are & have been genius in keeping his loyal base intact. The president has been extremely successful in this approach as most of his base has not been able to see through this ploy which so far, does continue to be successful.'

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